Simple Interior Design Ideas For Small Living Room

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Small Living Room – Most of you are ready to design and decorate your living room but don’t know where to start? The first step is to know your design style! The easiest way to find out is to create an idea book on Houzz or save images you like to Pinterest. Do you like mid-century design styles, beach modern, boho, farmhouse or a combination of two different design styles? Most people start with color, but painting should be last on your list.

Start with the largest piece of furniture in the living room. When designing a room, it is very important to think about the arrangement of the furniture. More often, sofas or sofas are placed directly against the wall, which is a big mistake. The seating should be far from the wall to make the room appear larger than it is.

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Small Living Room

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Small Living Room

Choosing a sofa: A sofa without armrests looks elegant and streamlined and is perfect for a small living room. When choosing colors, keep neutrality in mind with pops of color and accent pillows. When choosing accent chairs, think about smaller chairs that don’t look bulky.

Small Contemporary Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Choosing a Coffee Table: When shopping for a coffee table, look for a glass or acrylic coffee table that will give the illusion of a larger space in the living room.

Center Point: Every living room should have a center point to add interest. It’s the area your eyes enter as soon as you enter the living room. It can be a gallery wall, a large long window or a fireplace.

Carpets: Let’s talk carpets! Choosing the right rug size is very important. Rugs help anchor furniture arrangements and can also be used to divide areas into open concept areas. A simple tip is to choose a rug that is large enough for at least the front legs of the furniture to rest on the rug.

Art: Choosing the right type of art depends on your design style. You can choose a large piece of art for a more dramatic look or a gallery wall for a more casual look.

Essential Tips For Designing A Modern Living Room

Lighting: Lighting is often overlooked, but it actually has the biggest impact. Lighting is classified into three types. Ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is for general lighting, task lighting is for illuminating specific tasks such as reading. And accent lighting is meant to add interest and drama.

Window Decorations: The goal of window decorations is to improve the aesthetics of windows and rooms and help you achieve privacy and light control.

There are two types of window decorations. Gentle treatment and hard treatment. A gentle treatment can be curtains and new colors. Harsh treatment can be jealous and jealous.

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Small Living Room

Color palette and finish: Finally, choose a finish. Satin and eggshell are the best choices for the living room. For a small living room, choose two to three color palettes.

Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements That Maximize Space

Here are some decorating tips to help you organize and choose furniture. However, if you feel you need help with the initial renovations, message me or email jenny@. I love creating a design plan that will bring all your ideas to life.

Do you want interior design inspiration and need to be up to date with the latest design trends? Here are some blog posts you might want to read… If you buy through a link on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. That’s how it works.

Small space dwellers rejoice because our contemporary small living room ideas show just how much you can do with a small footprint. We understand that decorating can be a challenge when space is limited – how much furniture fits in? What is the most effective layout? Which color “stretches” the room? How do you keep a small living room fresh and modern? Well, fear not, because we cover all of these questions here.

For us, the modern style suits smaller spaces because it is often very simple, minimalist and functional. You don’t want a small living room to feel cramped or overcrowded. It’s good to have enough floor space and let the furniture breathe.

Small White Living Rooms Make A Statement: 25 Gorgeous Ideas And Tips

That being said, there are certainly many interpretations of “modern”, ranging from a very elegant look to a more relaxed boho look. But whether you’re a die-hard modernist or looking for a more relaxed style, you’re sure to find inspiration and some clever tips for expanding your living space here.

“Can live in places big and small, you just have to know how,” said Jen and Mar, founders of Interior Fox. “Create a backdrop with an attractive mural whose simple design creates a patterned atmosphere in the room without dominating the overall picture. Open up your lighting solution and an oversized pendant or table lamp will give the room a more luxurious feel while still offering plenty of space. A bigger sofa can actually make a small living room feel cozier and bigger.”

For more tips and ideas on designing your perfect small modern living room, keep scrolling…

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Small Living Room

No matter what style you choose, in a small space your furniture needs to do more. If you can choose pieces that double up for dual purposes or create extra storage or counter space, by all means do so. You don’t want to fit a lot of furniture in your room, so choose multifunctional pieces like a storage stool or – if you want the flexibility to accommodate overnight guests – consider a best sleeper sofa instead of a classic couch. Or you can opt for a collapsible coffee table that you can extend and move around the room if necessary, but which does not take up much floor space and does not disturb the flow of traffic.

Easy Decor Ideas To Arrange A Small Apartment Living Room

Another important thing for a small modern living room is storage. Storage is key to creating the minimalist and simple vibe that is at the core of modern style. That doesn’t mean everything has to be kept behind the door. Use a combination of open and closed storage — say, a bookshelf to add decor and personality, and then a coffee table with drawers to store less aesthetic items like remotes and cords.

In small living rooms there is a tendency to push everything against the wall to free up as much of the floor as possible. However, if you want to give your room an airy and modern vibe, a huge floor space in the middle is not the best choice.

Pull the furniture away from the wall and leave some space behind it. Floating your furniture creates the impression that the room is wider than it actually is and also creates more flow in the room and more light.

While our roundup of the best sofas of the year may have tempted you to curl up in a loveseat, sometimes the best way to make a small, modern living room feel bigger is to ditch the sofa altogether. Now, before you freak out at the thought of not having a sofa to watch Netflix on, think how much space you can save by opting for a really deep armchair and ottoman.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room

The lack of volume in the middle of the room will really open up the space and give it a more minimalist and modern feel. In addition, more light flows around, which immediately creates the illusion that the room is larger. Be sure to add some pillows and blankets to keep the room from looking too formal.

Honestly, the TV can ruin the modern vibe you’re trying to create. In a small living room, it can be difficult not to draw attention to a black hole in the wall, but an easy way to spruce it up is to add a dark accent wall. Paint your walls the same color as the TV. Simply. And we say the same color, but what we really mean is the use of a dark color so the TV blends seamlessly with the wall.

We love how this small modern living room is complemented with a wooden mantel to soften the black and built-in storage to soften the color.

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Small Living Room

Panels are a great way to add structure and interest to a smaller living room without taking up a lot of space. Vertical, overlapping panels look great in more modern homes, adding a touch of character while giving the impression of more height.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room

A very simple trick to make a room appear larger is to place an oversized rug. You don’t want a small rug lying in a sea of ​​floor space, you want something big enough so it doesn’t take up space and stretch out under your furniture.

As mentioned earlier, rugs are also perfect for levitating your furniture – use the dimensions of your rug

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