Simple Living Room Ideas On A Budget

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Looking for some living room ideas on a budget? As the name suggests, we have trouble in our living rooms. We relax there, have fun, drink coffee every morning (and wine every evening). There we shamelessly eat lunch on a tray and sit on the crates all night.

Simple Living Room Ideas On A Budget

Simple Living Room Ideas On A Budget

But if you’re planning a new salon and you’re on a tight budget, where do you start? Here’s what we have to offer: with our budget-friendly living room ideas and renovations that cost little and are big on style.

Living Room Layout Ideas

From upcycling a roll of paper to repainting existing furniture, there are plenty of easy and inexpensive DIYs you can do in your living room without spending a ton. Most of the ideas you’ll find here cost under $100 and can be made in less than a weekend, so keep looking for inspiration…

Before you buy, think about what you already have. Changing the focus of the layout can allow you to update your living room without projecting it onto the outside. So instead of sticking to the same traditional living room layout – coffee table in the middle, sofa pushed against either wall, TV at one end – why not try something more interesting by moving the furniture away from the wall; or using artwork as a centerpiece (instead of a television); or even de-encottering and rearranging the furniture to make the living room look bigger.

Before spending your small budget on new pieces, look around your home and see if you can borrow something from other places. You may find that a piece of furniture that was rushed into your bedroom would work better in your living room, or you may look in the attic or garage to see if you can repurpose a neglected piece.

Top Tip: If you find a great find but it doesn’t quite match your existing living room, painting the furniture will bring it into line with your scheme.

Best Budget Home Decor Ideas For When Money Is Tight

Want an alternative to displaying photos and images? Fabric wall coverings are a quick and inexpensive way to spice up your standard blank wall and add a trendy bohemian touch. When it comes to prints, if you have an attractive bed hidden in a drawer, you may not even need to buy anything new.

Plants are an easy win to add to your design arsenal. They add color, shape and (literally) life to a room. There are good places to pick up cheap, quality leaves: Ikea has a great selection and is budget-friendly. Larger indoor plants can still be expensive, so arrange small groups of plants at different heights to create the illusion that your room is full of greenery.

Thinking of adding some common houseplants to your space? Check out our guide and we can help you create the perfect indoor garden too.

Simple Living Room Ideas On A Budget

One of the easiest living room ideas on a budget is to pull out your DIY pants and get some paint. There are tons of quality and inexpensive paints available, but if you really want to save money, you can just buy a small container and paint a wall or niche for the finishing touch.

How To Decorate A Living Room

For indoor fans or renters, removable wallpaper is just the thing. You can get amazing wallpaper now, cover the walls with it, remove it in a few years and still walk away with your savings.

Etsy is a great resource for peel and stick wallpapers; They come in many different prints and sizes to fit your space.

A great inexpensive idea for the living room is to include wall art. This does not mean that you will spend years trying to stick one on the wall or paint yourself, there are many beautiful prints that you can put on the floor in minutes. Also, if you’re decorating a rental home, wall art is great because they don’t have it, so you can choose a non-permanent option like wallpaper or painting.

A trend that has truly stood the test of time, gallery walls are a great inexpensive way to fill an empty wall and give a space some much-needed personality. Use photos, file covers, prints – you can even frame fabric scraps or scraps of spare paper.

This 25 Year Old Completely Transformed Her Living Room On A Budget

Desenio has a great service on their website to help you plan your gallery wall layout and choose the right prints and frames for your space.

Top tip: If you rent your property and drilling hundreds of holes in the wall is not an option, command hooks are a good solution, or use a picture shelf for minimal damage to the wall.

Cushion: the most versatile upholstered furniture. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures, some new cushions may be all you need to freshen up your living room.

Simple Living Room Ideas On A Budget

Instead of splurging on a living room rug, copy this budget living room idea and hide multiple red wine stains with layers of carpet. Rag rugs, jute rugs, Persian rugs, sheepskin rugs—much more, apparently. Mix textures, colors and patterns to add interest to the room.

Small Modern Living Room Design Ideas

To find the right balance between a bohemian edgy vibe and a full-on rug store, stick to a simple color palette and use neutral rugs like jute as your base.

Nothing brightens up a piece of furniture like a new upholstery. Upholstery can completely transform the look of old sofas and armchairs and is a great idea for an inexpensive living room. Upholstering large pieces of furniture can be expensive, so a really cheap solution is to hang them over sofa cushions as shown below.

Living room lighting is something that can be updated very quickly and does not cost a lot of money. Avoid making your room feel too bright like an opera house by choosing floor or table lamps at different heights; Layer your lighting this way and create beautiful pools of light that can quickly change the mood of a room.

Okay, maybe it’s not a five-minute job, but it’s still a great budget-friendly living room idea. Painting a floor is an easy weekend project that won’t cost you much, but can completely change the look of your space. If you’re brave enough, we love the black floors in this living room, and they’re on trend right now.

Modern Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Practical storage might not be the most exciting idea for a living room on a budget, but using storage to hold your clutter and add personality can really transform a space. If you still don’t have the perfect storage space in your living room, check out our ideas, or if you have bookcases or open shelves, use them to update your room.

Change up your living room regularly by adding artwork, photos, plants, books and magazines to create a new focus.

Invest in pieces that are the centerpiece of your space, pieces that you can build an entire room around. It could be an expensive mustard yellow couch or a beautiful piece of art that you’ve fallen hard on. If you like it and it will completely change the room, it’s probably worth it.

Simple Living Room Ideas On A Budget

A very easy trick: Match your wall color to your most dominant piece of furniture, if not exactly, at least in tone, creating a low-key expensive look. This trick usually works best with neutral or muted schemes – don’t expect bright purple walls and matching furniture to take away from the expensive ambience…

Living Room Interior And Hall Design Ideas For Your Home

A really easy living room idea on a budget is to shop your own home and create displays that reflect your style and personality. Also, check out thrift stores for unusual pieces and find prints you really like to invest in.

You’re so used to the look of the curtains in your living room that you probably don’t notice that they’re a bit faded or out of place in your space. Changing the curtains to something lighter can make a big difference – making the room brighter and cooler.

Top curtain rod: Hang them a few inches above the window frame to add some height and make the window appear larger.

Buying used furniture and decor is usually not only cheaper, but it’s also an easy way to instantly inject some personality into your living room. Look to places like Etsy, eBay, and even Facebook Marketplace for pieces that speak to you.

Modern Living Room Ideas On A Budget 2022

Take your time, have a list of the pieces you are looking for and note down the measurements you need. Again, remember what a lick of paint can do, so focus on shapes you like, not colors.

Want an instant way to make your living room more expensive (on a budget)? Create a coffee table. Beautiful candles, elegant coffee

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