Small Apartment Balcony Ideas On A Budget

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Small Apartment Balcony Ideas On A Budget

Small Apartment Balcony Ideas On A Budget

If you’re one of the lucky few to have a balcony in your apartment, condo, or home, congratulations! You have nailed down one of the most desirable spaces a home can offer. Unfortunately, as you can see, this space can go unused; it’s often not big enough to fit all the furniture you want. But size doesn’t have to stop you from creating a beautiful balcony that you can enjoy 365 days a year.

Cool Small Balcony Design Ideas

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to maximize your precious balcony space. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with 20 square feet or 100 square feet, the options are truly endless. All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of Instagram to make your balcony feel like home.

We totally understand: Minimalism isn’t for everyone. But sometimes the saying “less is more” is true. In a small space, too much decoration can look messy. Instead, try adding a focal point, like a park bench, and a finishing touch or two in coordinating colors.

There is something inherently iconic about porch swings. However, you shouldn’t miss out on yours just because of your limited space. There are many single seater balcony swings that can be hung outside which are ideal for keeping in smaller spaces. If you can’t hang a swing because of rent, you can also try a freestanding egg chair.

Let’s face it: there are probably few activities you do on your small balcony. You may spend a few minutes outside drinking coffee or enjoying the sunset, but reading a book is the classic balcony activity. So why not turn your shelter into a reading nook? The key here is finding a side chair large enough to curl up in but small enough not to overwhelm the space.

Balcony Ideas: 30 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Outdoor Space

When it comes to a small space, the biggest mistake people make is forgetting to utilize wall space, even outdoors. Add shelves for plants and lamps, hang slats on the wall for more organization, and use window sills as makeshift shelves. This way you can enjoy your space without feeling claustrophobic.

If you have a green thumb and a balcony, you probably already grow a small collection of basil or coriander outdoors. But why stop there? Line window sills with pots of different sizes, place ivy on high shelves, and hang spider plants from decorative baskets. In no time, your small space will look like a luxury greenhouse.

When we were little, there was nothing more dreamy and magical than our fort of pillows and blankets. A few decades later, the same sentiment applies to balconies. To make your fort adult, add some fake grass, throw in a soft, weatherproof blanket, and top it off with as many pillows as you can find.

Small Apartment Balcony Ideas On A Budget

In cases where square footage is extremely limited, it may not be possible to create a conversational environment with furniture. Instead, try to organize everything while looking at the view; that way you can still chat over a glass of merlot while taking in all the natural beauty of the evening sunsets.

Decorate Your Apartment Balcony With A Vibe & Color Palette

In a perfect life, we’d spend all our days by the pool in a private cabana. But since we have to wait for the next vacation to get there, we might as well make the most of the outdoor space we have. For the same luxe cabin feel, opt for a giant sleeper sofa or stretched lounge chair (yes, even if it takes up all the commercial space your balcony has to offer).

No space for a table? Don’t worry. Build your own breakfast bar out of plywood or buy a pre-made table that fits over your ledge. Just add a few bistro stools and you have a small space to enjoy your coffee while scrolling through your social feed.

Templates have a wonderful way of making something louder, bigger, and so much more important. If you only have room to add some furniture, try sprucing up the rest of your space with various designs like ikat chair cushions, floral rugs, and striped throw pillows. It may seem a bit challenging at first, but once you find the right ratio of template sets, everything will fall into place.

Small spaces can be difficult to furnish, especially when it comes to finding the right furniture. If you’re someone who loves DIY projects, try making custom furniture that fits your space. Folding furniture is an ideal solution because you can put it away and create more space whenever you need it. (Don’t want to build something from scratch? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options to choose from and install easily.)

Apartment Patio Ideas That Maximize Outdoor Space

If you’re the type to use the balcony outside opening hours, lighting is essential. Instead of relying on a ceiling light or recessed sconce, create soft lighting with lanterns, candles (faux or real), and string lights. If you ask us, it’s the perfect vibe for the night.

Even if you want to sit on the balcony and soak up the sun, it’s important to make sure you protect your skin, especially on sunny days. If you have a railing, use the space to hang curtains, add an awning, or support a giant umbrella. In the heat of summer, you’ll thank yourself.

It can be easy to rely on a neutral color scheme for your outdoor space, but don’t be afraid to dive into color. Try opting for small pops of coordinating bright color. The result is a balcony that begs to be used, even in the middle of winter.

Small Apartment Balcony Ideas On A Budget

Wood pallets are the best kept secret in the DIY world. They can be used to create everything from platform beds to tables and even swings. And they are also ideal for balcony spaces. Stack them to create an easy DIY sofa bed that looks custom made.

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Has your small balcony gradually turned into an unloved storage space? Or worse, just where did you put the trash bag before you put it in the trash? 😓

Well, if so, don’t feel bad. I went there too! I can relate a few incidents involving a family of raccoons and my trash scattered around my yard. 🦝🍁

In general, people don’t know whether it’s worth investing money or energy in such a small space. And even when they want to, the question is often: How can I make the best use of a small space? How can I get the most out of it?

Balcony Design & Décor Ideas For Your Small Balcony

I have good news! There are many affordable upgrades you can make to a small backyard to make it a great place to relax!

Even as a renter, there’s so much you can do to make your small backyard condominium a beautiful retreat that you can’t wait to escape to whenever you have a spare moment.

So enjoy your drink and read on to discover the best ideas for small balconies!

Small Apartment Balcony Ideas On A Budget

First on the list of small balcony ideas? Update the sidewalk. It’s a change that makes a shocking difference to a neglected looking balcony.

Chic, Rental Balcony Makeover For Under $300

The benefit of having a small balcony is that you have less square footage to worry about.

It makes something daunting like a change of plans suddenly seem like it’s no big deal since you don’t have a huge area to cover.

An absolutely brilliant way to instantly refresh the floor in your small outdoor space is with a set of interlocking patio tiles.

The tiles are very easy to install as they simply stick together. You can easily tile an entire small balcony in less than an hour.

Decoration Ideas For Your Small Balcony

If using interlocking tiles isn’t an option, using outdoor rugs can definitely be a great alternative if you want to hide a floor that’s a mess.

Check out these 33 affordable outdoor rug and runner options if this is one solution you think might work for you!

It may seem counterintuitive to divide up an already small space, but it really helps if you’re looking to create mini-zones in your small balcony.

Small Apartment Balcony Ideas On A Budget

Whether you want to read or dine al fresco, creating mini-zones will help you maximize the space you have.

Apartment Balcony Reveal

An extremely popular way to use the short end of a balcony is to create a custom pallet seating area.


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