Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas – A galley kitchen is long and narrow, with cabinets along two adjacent walls. Some people find a galley kitchen cramped and claustrophobic, while others find it efficient, accessible and great for storage, especially when trying to maximize limited square footage. Because of their compact nature, galley kitchen designs are also great if you’re working on a budget. Whether you have a galley kitchen that needs updating or you’re thinking about a complete kitchen renovation, we’ve rounded up some amazing kitchen ideas that can add a lot of style to a small space.

Working with a compact setup doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good kitchen design. Use bright white shades, bright areas, and natural light to open up your small kitchen design. Don’t forget to layer geometric patterns, open shelving, and bright pops of color. We’ve shown you how kitchen lighting, bright cabinet colors, and different floor runners can help create a larger space.

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

If you want to be creative, you can find inspiration for a beautiful breakfast nook and other open kitchen layouts such as combining dining and kitchen areas with island seating. And for smart ways to incorporate 2023 kitchen design trends into a narrow space, consider glossy backsplashes, extravagant appliances and bold kitchen paint colors. Start browsing to find ideas for your home style. It has everything from farm to modern.

Small Kitchen Ideas

Dark lower cabinets help define space, while lighter upper cabinets reflect light and make the room appear larger. In this Upper East Side kitchen, Bakes & Kropp opts for black lower cabinets with modern appliances and keeps things low-profile.

From gold accessories and trendy runners to muted green furniture, interior designer Julia Chasman makes this small space super cute. Use built-in cupboards to hide the fridge and add calmness and harmony.

Add style to a small space with bright colors and playful patterns, as Shelby Girard, Havenly’s Vice President of Creativity and Design does here.

Make the most of a small space with pure white cabinets and integrated kitchen appliances. Subtle details like Mediterranean tile backsplash, gold hardware, and industrial-style lighting.

Stunning Examples That Show How To Make A Galley Kitchen Work

Make the kitchen hallway look spacious with vintage herringbone-patterned chic floor tiles. Here, REFORM combines blue floors with soft pink furniture and small lamps.

A colorful runner not only makes a narrow hall look wider, but also adds warmth and instant warmth to the interior. Check out Brio Interior Design for a vibrant, geometric style.

Combine furniture types and finishes to create visual interest. Reena Sotropa In House Design Group opts for bright white on one side, but warm wood and black marble on the other.

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

It’s a fun kitchen with a variety of colors and patterns, from checkerboard floors and sleek runners to beautiful gold stoves and two-tone cabinets.

Sara’s Galley Kitchen

At the end of this Greenwich Village kitchen, the Mendelson Group created a small breakfast nook that seats two.

Light up your galley kitchen hallway with eye-catching lighting. We love this hand-picked chrome globe pendant from Chandos Interiors.

In your kitchen area, you can choose to install a bold backsplash on one or both sides of your kitchen. Recreate the serene interior of Lily Spindle and use eye-catching tiles.

When in doubt, choose a stylish shade of white, from countertops to cabinets to moldings. Tip: Light wood floors work well with all-white designs.

Galley Kitchen Considerations For A Kitchen Layout

Two adjustable armrest scones combined with an open shelf brighten up this blue kitchen. Interior designer Tiffany Gowler keeps the vibe light with natural wood and pops of green.

If space allows, add a countertop to create a small bar area with seating. We love how Union of Art Interiors creates the feeling of more space by adding large windows that overlook the area.

Julia Chasman created more storage space by using open shelves instead of upper cabinets (which can make the space even smaller).

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

Many galley rooms have windows at the end, which is a great way to break up a narrow passage and allow light to flood the room. In this sunny space, REFORM has pastel blue furniture and light wood floors.

Why A Galley Kitchen Rules In Small Kitchen Design

With large appliances and white cabinets on both sides, the AMMOR building uses a galley kitchen structure for a relatively large space. When you are cooking, this arrangement ensures that everything is close at hand.

, covers everything related to home and interior design. Before joining GH in 2022, he wrote articles such as:

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The 7 Best Food Dehydrators of 2023 Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Ultimate Lid Reviews The 7 Best Ultimate Lid Brands of 2023, How to Clean My Microwave Review Designed with two side counters with a passage between them, the kitchen of galley may be bad. rap. This is mainly because it is narrow. The galley layout is almost always reserved for small spaces and

We promise you can create efficient and effective hallways. The first is to change your attitude. There’s a reason why galley kitchens are so popular, with all the kitchen appliances and storage at your fingertips. (No running around the isle trying to reach the ladder to get off the blender!) Plus, these layouts are almost always the same size as the appliances, so they’re easy to change and redecorate. First, get inspired by 15 galley kitchens from the portfolios of our favorite designers and write down your favorite kitchen design ideas to try at home.

Give personality to a small galley kitchen by choosing fun, unexpected colors for the cabinets (designer Anna Spiro chose coral and lime green) and using fun wallpaper on the backsplash. Paint or wallpaper does not take up space, but adds fun. Spiro made it clear with a selection of marble countertops and backsplash accessories.

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

Nanette Brown extended the backsplash on each wall for a stone-box effect in her Manhattan kitchen. The room is very small, so I chose a narrow dining table and benches that are out of the way when not in use.

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas To Try Right Now

Sculpted concrete fixtures, architectural lighting and modern artwork enhance a small space in this kitchen designed by Tamsin Johnson. A hanging shelf on the back wall allows for display time and utilizes the available vertical space.

The galley kitchen designed by Corinne Mathern leads to two main ideas. Another: Adding greenery can liven up even the smallest space. Second, when renovating your kitchen, don’t forget to consider important things like storage space. Covered in a beautiful bronze plate that speaks to mixed metal on six tools and easily placed in one corner of the countertop, this is a good example for us to follow.

Designed by Shapeless Studio, this small galley kitchen features glossy Zellige tiles. A frequent complaint about boat designs is the lack of task lighting, but here’s the fix! Brighten up your prep space by installing task lights under the cabinets.

We love the classic kitchen look here at deVOL Kitchens, and it’s also full of clever design tricks. First, many closed cabinets look messy, but if you’re still looking to hide unwanted valuables, try adding hooks and hanging curtains over the cabinets. The fabrics leave a soft impression. Second, experiment with interesting paint variations and hardware colors!

Awesome Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas, Design, & Inspiration In 2021

The metal hood and many shades of blue give this room its character, while everything is kept simple and traditional to balance this kitchen designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors.

Ferrarini Co. decided to focus on adding great details such as lighting, hardware, cabinets and appliances to make the galley kitchen stand out. The design team doubled down on style choices such as Farrow & Ball Off Black cabinets that spanned a small space. Dark colors combined with white walls do not absorb all the light. Runners are always a good choice for comfort in a galley kitchen.

This modern farmhouse kitchen by Andrew Flesher has some amazing options that work really well (what about the high counters? The cabinets below are stainless steel and reflect all the natural light through the reason for the high white. IKEA hack) and Instead of covering the walls with cabinets, he decided to keep the windows, which gives the small room light of the sky.

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

To free up counter space, the designers of this small custom kitchen built swing bar doors. Not only can you move easily when you need to go in, but also

Best Kitchen Layouts For Beauty And Function

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