Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After – It’s been months (almost six, to be exact), so I’m excited to finally share all the details on our big DIY kitchen update with you. If you need a refresher on what our kitchen used to look like, there’s a refresher (and more details) above. Our house was built in 1967 and we still had the original kitchen appliances. They were in pretty good shape for their age, but the dark walnut stain made the already small pantry even smaller.

Shortly after we bought our house in 2010, we bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher. These were the must-haves on our list. The photo below shows what the kitchen looked like the week we moved in.

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Last fall we started a small kitchen renovation two weeks before Thanksgiving. In those two short weeks, we painted the original 1967 wood cabinets (see my post on painting cabinets for this process and my tips and tricks) and installed a new batch just before midnight on Thanksgiving Eve. After that we took our time and worked on the kitchen between lots of trips and events. Originally we wanted to keep the old laminate boards and cover them with concrete, but after installing the skid row we realized we needed to cut the laminate back a bit to fit the property. My dream kitchen would have a large island and marble countertops, so we opted for the latter and bought ours from Ikea. Our beautiful friend (

Finished 1940s Galley Kitchen Remodel · Little Victorian

) installed it for us with the help of Kevin. Then we put things off a bit as we had a meeting + to do and then my very handy dad came over and helped Kevin install our beautiful pristine white tiled floor.

We put a lot of time and sweat into updating our DIY kitchen, but I have to say that every investment of energy is worth it. I stop in the kitchen after washing dishes or making coffee and just look at it. Has anyone else ever completed a DIY project that inspired you to do this?

Here’s what the kitchen looked like when we moved in, and here’s what it looked like before we started renovating.

We kept the previous kitchen layout with this surrounding counter. We made this piece of butcher block slightly shallower (20 inches) than the rest of the kitchen to make it easier to move around and give it more of a bistro feel. Finally, we replaced the super traditional paddle legs that supported the counter with steel hairpins.

Updating A Galley Kitchen

We plan to hire a carpenter to fit our upper cabinet to the upper microwave so we can remove it from the wall shelf. This will be phase 2 of this update and when it’s done I plan to hang a beautiful globe on this counter.

My dream kitchen would have tons of open shelving, but just because we didn’t get new cabinets doesn’t mean I can’t pull it off. I just removed the doors from the cabinets, filled the holes where the hardware was and painted everything white. I’ll admit it was a bit of a challenge to paint, but it makes the kitchen look brighter (and shows off our pretty dishes).

Kevin installed two outlets in the kitchen with outlets that have built-in USB chargers. Very practical as we always lose wall adapters.

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Isn’t she a beauty? I really love this range. After several years of using an oven bigger than me (and therefore +- 50 degrees weaker), this oven bakes like a dream. It’s also a double oven with one door, which allows me to multitask/bake like a pro.

Gorgeous Galley Kitchen Ideas To Maximize Small Layouts

After installing our new range, we decided it was time to get a tank that matched the look and quality of our other equipment. My life tip is to spend the money on a nice trash can, because it’s also an appliance. We were lucky enough to score a great deal on a freestanding model from The Container Store and I would highly recommend it. Oh, and there’s a 10-year warranty.

We removed the tile backsplash that was previously only above the dinette and sink and replaced it with crisp white subway tiles. Not only was it super affordable (only $0.22 per tile), but it was an easy way to decorate an entire room.

Wayfair has provided this gorgeous earthen sink and matte black faucet. The sink is big enough to wash all the dishes in it. I’ve always loved country slab sinks, but since we were working with original cabinets, we decided to go with a country style inset sink. We chose a composite/resin sink over a porcelain sink for durability. It looks like porcelain but costs a fraction of that.

My favorite part of the sink? Definitely a faucet! It is minimalistic but very functional. The nozzle pulls out and turns into a sprayer that can reach every corner of a large sink.

N I C H O L L E S O P H I A: Galley Kitchen Renovation Before & After

Kevin and my dad installed white subway tile in one day. I have to admit, my mom and I were in the barn when they installed it, so I’m not too sure about the process, but they said it was a breeze. The tile we chose was self-service, which means you don’t need to use insects in it. The most expensive part was the 24 hour wet saw rental.

Since we moved, we didn’t like the lighting in the kitchen anymore. The track lighting was extremely directional, casting harsh shadows on almost everything. Wayfair has provided this simple semi-flush lamp that has completely transformed kitchen lighting. Since the previous lighting strip hung to one side of the drop ceiling, we had an electrician move the box halfway up the ceiling. I patched the old holes with colored wood putty and it looks brand new. We added warm wood paneling to the drop ceiling because it mimics butcher block worktops and helps hold everything together.

Butcher Block: Ikea Karlby / 33″ Hair Dryer Legs: Etsy / Subway Tile: American Olean Start Line White / Range: Samsung Chef Collection Slide-In Range / Refrigerator: LG LFX23961 / Dishwasher: LG LDF6920WW

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Drawer Knobs and Pulls: Stone Mill Matte Black Nantucket / Trash Can: Simple Human / Color: Cabinets and Ceiling – Sherwin-Williams Pure White / Walls Sherwin-Williams Sedate Gray

Before & After: A Galley Kitchen Gets A Bright, Modern Update

Dining Room Wallpaper: Sarah Hearts for Walls Need Love / Knife Magnet: M.O.C. / Blender: Kitchen-Aid Pistachio / Apron: Orla Kiely / Keurig. Mini Plus in Banana Yellow / Wall Hook: Black branches / USB sockets. Amazon / Chair: Crate & Barrel Spin Chair / Salt and Pepper Shakers: Bavarian Salt and Pepper Mills / Pot Holders: Charles Viancin

And I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a graphic designer turned maker who loves making things and helping others do the same. Here you’ll find my shop, over a decade of blog posts, beautiful downloadable wallpapers, video tutorials and more. If you live in New York, chances are you either have a pantry or know someone who does. It’s a New York staple. Most people secretly dream of an open floor plan when planning their kitchen remodel, but with the right design, a pantry is perfectly functional.

In this blog post, we list some of the benefits of small pantries in New York that you may not have thought of before. You’ll also get design tips on how to transform the flow of your kitchen this new season.

If you’re already thinking about a kitchen renovation, don’t miss our free kitchen planning guide, created especially for New York homeowners.

Before Photo White Galley Kitchen Remodel

A big advantage of a smaller pantry kitchen is the renovation costs. You don’t spend as much as you would when renovating a large kitchen, which means you have more money to spend on customizing the kitchen to make it the perfect fit for you.

The pantry has a modern and contemporary design offering large cupboards and a large counter. It’s also very easy to form a basic work triangle, which will allow you to walk through all parts of the kitchen in the blink of an eye.

A lack of square footage doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of function, style or organization. Most kitchens don’t take full advantage of empty walls. If you have higher ceilings, we recommend raising the cabinets to the ceiling to increase storage space. Taller cabinets are great for storing things you don’t use often, like Christmas cutlery and party favors. It also makes the kitchen look bigger, which is always a plus.

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After

If you want to open up the space a bit, removing part of the wall to create an opening between the kitchen and the living room can give the kitchen a more open feel. A new layout has also been created which is not only ideal for food but also adds a dining area with seating.

The Top 91 Galley Kitchen Ideas

In some cases, it’s nice to loosen up some upper cabinets with open shelves. That way you can show off some of your beautiful pieces or just post them

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