Small Kitchen Extension Ideas Before And After

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas Before And After – As home improvement professionals, we see many projects. Often, our clients expand their property in some way. The most common type of extension we do at Home Fairytales is a kitchen extension. Floor extensions come in many shapes and sizes. You can stretch back, side, sometimes both. The type of extension available to you depends on your land plan and your local council’s interpretation of planning policy. During the design phase, your architect will work with you to find the best design for you. Of course this will depend on what you want to achieve from the new site and keep it within the guidelines of local planning policy. It is not good to create projects without permission. Also, it’s important to have a final design that you like.

We love the before and after photos. These images clearly illustrate the gap in the subject. A home extension can completely transform a property. In some cases, the extra floor space won’t seem like much. The thing to remember is that it’s not just about adding SQM. Adds SQM to the room. In many cases, the size of the room is larger than what we see in spaces of that period. You can also add interesting features like chandeliers and large glass doors.

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas Before And After

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas Before And After

We thought we’d talk to you soon about kitchen extension projects and design solutions for transforming these rooms.

How To Extend A Kitchen Island

We went past this mid-level of Wandsworth. Initially, the post (back room) has 3 rooms. There is a small kitchen, an external bathroom, accessed through a side passage and a rear room overlooking the garden. As you can see, the house is in dire need of updating and updating. The homeowner wanted to remove all interior walls from this back room to create a great room.

The lateral return is 6 meters long and 1 meter wide. Now incorporated into the property’s original vault, the room measures an impressive 6m x 4.5m. The space makes the most of the kitchen cabinets, spacious kitchen island and American fridge freezer. The room has a comfortable dining table that seats 6.

The client chose the Velux 3 windows to be superior to the originals. This allows natural light to enter the room. The garden gates are in critical condition. It is made of aluminum and painted black to give it a glassy look. They are a fraction of the cost of real crystals and are popular.

We have extended the first floor of this maisonette in Crouch End. Side and rear extensions have added 25 square meters of floor space to the property. This changed the social area of ​​the house and added another bedroom to the property. The front living room was converted into a bedroom as the extension allowed for more space. The new kitchen is from Ikea and was installed by our builder as part of the contract. This is a great way to buy a kitchen because you buy a “clean” kitchen and install it yourself.

Beautiful And Achievable Kitchen Extension Ideas

We absolutely love the open floor plan of this property. Open plan design is becoming increasingly popular in homes today. If you don’t have much space, this part is good, because you combine different functions in one big area. Walls not only take up space but also block visual connections. An open plan design works best if you can create space in the room. Rugs and carpets, pendant lighting, furniture placement, and even colorful walls are all techniques you can use to create a defined “zone” for your workspace. This host does a great job – what do you think?

We have added 17 square meters of extra space to this house with the rear extension. The homeowner wanted the room to be filled with wide glass doors and natural light. If you like these doors, check out our latest article on door options for your home extension. These doors are 6 meters long. They have a curtain that goes into the ceiling. The property also utilizes an open plan as it uses the great room to accommodate the dining room, kitchen and living area. The shape of this room complements the open plan design as the l shape of the room creates a natural visual division between the spaces.

If you are looking to expand, contact our team today to discuss your project in more detail. We would be happy to schedule a phone conversation with you or a member of our team. This allows us to learn more about your project so we can inform you about what to do. We will also have the opportunity to explain more about how we work. Call 0207 043 2378 or email hello@ or you can book directly from our application page.

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas Before And After

Do I need air conditioning in my home? Should you add air conditioning to your extension? Air Pros, Cons and Cost.

Creating Your Dream Orangery Kitchen Extension With David Salisbury

What do you need for a planning application? We explain what is required to submit a planning application. Georgina Kitchen Extension And Renovation Before And After Posted by at Jul 14, 2021.

Looking for ideas for your home project? These extensions before and after the bathroom and kitchen help with fresh water flow.

But, from personal experience, I fully understand how difficult a kitchen extension project can be. If you have a small, old kitchen, it’s hard to imagine what it could be.

So, to help show you what’s possible, I’ve put together a few projects with before and after pictures.

Semi Detached Extension Ideas

The kitchen below is owned by Virginia and Amit Nigam and their two children. In 2015, they moved into a four-bedroom, four-bedroom house in North Kensington, London, with the intention of converting it into a family home.

As you can see, they opened up their kitchen with a large center island and filled the exterior wall with stainless steel.

Photo above: Kitchen furniture: Rotpunkt cabinetry, crafted in sleek blue lacquer with a brass finish, is a modern classic for the spacious kitchen below. The long island has deep drawers, cabinets, a stove and wine cooler as well as informal seating.

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas Before And After

Whether you’re taking on a project at home or planning to expand your family dining room, there are some important things to consider. For example, do you need planning permission? What is your budget? Are you using Designer?

House Extension Ideas: 10 Best Designs To Reinvent Your Home |

However, the kitchen extensions have plenty of garden space. So, if you can’t stretch, you may be wondering what to do with knocking down some walls. (Of course, you need to make sure they’re taking responsibility. Civil engineering can help with that!)

The kitchen below belongs to Nikki, aka @thelittlelondonterrace, who noticed that it wasn’t organized for her family when her children arrived.

It is a small garden, they decided to create an extension to the side instead of the back and change the interior layout – it hangs meters from the central dark room on the side.

In the remaining space, they squeezed a small bathroom under the stairs and created an additional room with coat storage from the dark central room. Here is her before and after….

Kitchen Extension 1

If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t know what to do with your small, cramped or old space, there are plenty of experts who can inspire you with some smart solutions.

From Victorian terrace kitchen extensions to family kitchen-dining room extensions, professionals such as architects and interior designers can help you explore ideas you may never have considered before. Always remember to get at least three quotes and compare them to what you like – minimum is best.

Here is a good example for you. The kitchen below is by Phil Thompson, known as @709_design on Instagram, who sold his home at auction in 2019. It is tired and old, with a small kitchen and a separate bathroom and toilet. He was grateful to be around and did all the work to make something for him.

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas Before And After

The idea is to open up the kitchen and dining room to create an open plan space. He installed French doors in the dining room to reveal garden views and converted an old back door into a tall window that fills the kitchen with light.

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas To Maximise Your Space

As you can see, the black charcoal kitchen units are filled with geometric tiles that blend beautifully with the wood.

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