Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before And After

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before And After – When my husband and I bought our first home, a 1960s upstairs condo in a walkable neighborhood with a great school system, the kitchen was the project I was most excited to finish. As an avid hobby cook, recipe editor and food author, a lot of self-care is required in the kitchen when I cut vegetables or take them out of the pan.

Not that our house hasn’t worked before. It had everything I needed and worked well. But it was dated and a far cry from the designer aesthetic I enjoyed in the stacks of Architectural Digest under my coffee table.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before And After

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before And After

While remodeling our bathroom during the 2020 downtime, we noticed a renovation mistake and went on to remodel the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas & Organization Tips

A complete room renovation is an undertaking that requires a lot of planning and often professional understanding as well. From seasoned DIYers to people who want to design but hire help to do the heavy lifting, this is what I learned after building my dream kitchen.

For years, stainless steel appliances were an afterthought in many kitchen renovations that were expected to match any design. Since our kitchen is a decent size and I love to cook, we wanted these large pieces of furniture to be the focal point: the shape

For me, the stove and the fridge are the two most important parts of the kitchen. ​​​​​​I got inspiration for the whole kitchen color scheme after seeing the new GE Appliance Cafe series, which allows the customer to choose the finish and taste colors and is now the hottest kitchen trends in 2021 after a break year.

The Café’s white French door refrigerator with a brushed bronze finish blends seamlessly with the built-in pantry that surrounds it. Erica Chayes Wida

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“For a contemporary, modern style, an all-white kitchen with appliances and hardware and gold finishes is great,” Katherine Carter, a Los Angeles interior designer with many celebrity clients, told TMRW. “An all-white kitchen not only provides a fresh color palette for cooking, but also really opens up the space and creates an airy, fresh atmosphere.”

For those who don’t like gold, Carter suggested choosing brass, black or polished chrome hardware to complement the white background.

“I tend to avoid brushed chrome or nickel because it flattens the space and gives the kitchen a black look,” she told TMRW.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before And After

When Ina Garten showed Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager their kitchen, she said her intention was to have a dishwasher, stove and refrigerator “in the shape of a triangle.” This way, it feels effortless to move between them while preparing food. Even for our family (without a large kitchen or two dishwashers like Ina) this was a viable option.

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When planning the renovation, we put the dishwasher next to the sink (let it be across the room – don’t even start!). Then we put the stove in the middle of one wall and put the fridge against the adjacent wall. Now it’s the perfect place to get some exercise while I cook. The difference is incredible!

“In small and medium-sized kitchens, islands or peninsulas (islands attached to one of the countertops) can sometimes take up space and make the kitchen look small,” said Carter. “By using other types of integrated storage solutions, you can give the kitchen an open and welcoming feel.”

Even for someone who hasn’t gutted the entire room, removing the peninsula has greatly improved the ambiance of the room. When a family of four and a large dog were moving around before meals, it felt cramped and sometimes stressful. When he was gone, cooking felt much easier.

After a bit of research we bought the cabinets and countertops from Ikea and opted for professional assembly. The kitchen remodeling section, which you can browse online or in store, met our needs perfectly. You can schedule an appointment with the complimentary kitchen staff, purchase products and try out spaces, then use the store’s virtual computer system to input your kitchen square footage and create the perfect floor plan for your needs. American Woodmark, Hampton Bay (available at major chains like Home Depot), Wayfair, and Lowe’s have cabinets of various sizes and price points. For those who want to spend money on custom furniture, supporting local lumber shops is always an option, and many will build their cabinets from the wood they choose.

Small Kitchen Remodel Tips & Tricks

Our space was unique so a bit of hacking was required. According to Pinterest, there’s no better place than Ikea for a good furniture hack! For example, we wanted a pull-out litter box, but we didn’t have much space to install one if we also wanted a lazy susan. I used the computer system to select different drawer widths until they were fitted correctly (a narrow drawer with two shelves), I removed the top shelf after installing it and voilà! A full-sized pull-out bin can be placed right next to the dishwasher and the sink is easy to prepare.

Ikea offers many customizable solutions for how deep or high the pantry shelf should be. I designed deep pull-out shelves downstairs in our pantry to store all the kids’ simple treats and snacks to have on hand when they’re hungry. As I am also a fan of dried spices, I chose a low pull drawer to store and display everything I need. Above it is a pull out shelf for all my oils and sauces.

We also chose your base cabinet and interior drawer lighting. comes with a remote dimmer switch (one of my favorite features in the kitchen).

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before And After

Countertops can be bought from Ikea, but they are sourced from another company called Caesarstone, which supplies custom quartz countertops nationwide, whether you go through an international chain. We have Kasker Himalayan Moon quartz countertops to hide small splashes and break up the clean white lines. I also like how the darker stones complement the dark, smoky color of the Pergo wide plank flooring we got from Lowe’s. Sturdy, easy to install and waterproof for big family play. We loved how affordable this option was while giving the wood a natural look.

Kitchen Remodel In St. Louis Before & After Pictures

“For a mother of two young children, a quartz-marble countertop is perfect because it’s both beautiful and incredibly durable,” Carter told TMRW. “Quartz countertops far exceed the durability and style of outdated real marble. There is usually a guarantee for them. That doesn’t apply to real stone.”

Because bigger ticket items like Ikea and G.E. used corporate brands. that offer manufacturer’s warranties and affordable options, I let my personality enjoy the kitchen tools that complement the space. As my husband and I ended up remodeling the house, I knew I could leave my beautiful new kitchen behind, knowing that the essentials would take me wherever we went.

An ebony cutting board made from leftover Taylor guitar parts, a cookbook I found in Brooklyn on that memorable day, and handmade Moroccan glassware from the Revival helped bring a personal touch to a clean, modern kitchen. Erica Chayes Wida

Finding the right pieces, most of which came from international craft brands with sustainable, community-led initiatives from Morocco to Mexico, felt like a treasure hunt. I also added towels, crockery and small gold accessories from Anthropologie and West Elm.

How To Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern (without Painting)

For some, freshening up the kitchen space can be as simple as repainting or refinishing the kitchen cabinets, painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint, new tile flooring, and smaller appliances and cookware. to incorporate. Here’s how I used smaller items to complete the renovation:

A farmhouse sink, Smeg small appliances, and handwoven fruit basket add organic texture and vintage aesthetics to a modern white kitchen. Eric Chayes Wida

Erica Chayes Wida is an award-winning journalist, food writer and recipe editor who worked for a local newspaper before joining the freelance team. The mother of two loves to sing, collect old records and of course cook. Erica is forever searching the world for the best ham and cheese croissant and brainstorming a pot of bubbly pasta sauce. Her work has appeared on BBC Travel, Saveur, Martha Stewart Living and PopSugar. Follow on Instagram. Well, my little kitchen is ready. At first I thought it would never happen, but it’s finally done and it only took three years. Or was it four? Damn, I’ve lost count now. 😀

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before And After

I still have a few projects to finish for the dining room, so today I’m actually going to show you the kitchen. I expect the dining area to be fully finished this week so there will be a before and after soon. But let’s get to the before and after pictures of the kitchen, shall we?

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The kitchen was quite pathetic when we moved in. These condos were built in the early 1980’s and it appeared that not a single detail had been updated between that time and the July 2006 purchase.

It certainly looks different now. After redoing some of the cabinets, I painted them

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