Small Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

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Sure, we all want a large kitchen with a walk-in pantry, storage for seasonal decorations, and room to hide all our tools. But, the truth is, most of us are stuck in a small kitchen and don’t have enough room to dispose of a collection of reusable water bottles.

Small Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

While we can’t do anything about the cost of living, we have organizational solutions to make your current space feel infinitely more comfortable. Professional organizer Joanna Wirick tells us, “The easiest way to get organized is to commit to organizing. Every day. There are dozens of small decisions you can make every day to help you get organized. “

Open Storage Ideas For Every Room Of Your Home

She compares being organized to being healthy, “You can’t get healthy just by changing one habit and another. Being healthy is a lifelong decision, and all the small decisions will help you reach your goals. Do it.” “Little ones.” to help you get there every day.”

Once you’ve edited your text, it’s time to organize it. Here are 20 smart storage ideas that will make even the smallest kitchen look great.

If you’re anything like us, you probably have spices floating around in your kitchen cupboard right now. Investing in a drawer to keep everything in one place not only looks organized, but also makes it easier to find the spices you need when you need them.

Foods such as cereal and chips are often packaged in large boxes or air-filled bags that take up more space than the contents. Place them in a clear, space-saving, portable container to save valuable shelf space and decorate your snacks.

Creative Kitchen Storage And Pantry Organization Ideas

Before you start emptying all your drawers and closets, Wirick says start by cleaning out your pantry. “Focus on keeping the essentials and throw away anything that’s worn out,” she suggests.

If you’ve had a can or stolen item for more than six months, throw it away. If you don’t use it, it takes up basic real estate.

We’re all guilty of folding our towels and placing them in a falling tower that falls back every time you catch them. Instead of storing it upright behind a cabinet door, roll it up and place it upright in a hand drawer. They just look neat that way – don’t mess around whenever you want.

Small Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

Snacks like granola bars and lunch-sized bags have a way of getting stuck in the cupboard and falling to the bottom of the drawer. Choose an easy-to-access basket to keep everything in one place.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Even The Tiniest Of Spaces

If you don’t have built-in cabinets and cupboards, take matters into your own hands and throw a bookcase in the kitchen space. The popular IKEA Billy bookcase with glass doors is perfect for recreating this exact look. This beautiful addition will give you extra pantry space, plenty of room for your favorite dishes and cookbooks.

If you currently have dead space hanging for your cups or plates, use every inch of it by adding shelves and arranging the right height for all your dishes. You’d be surprised how much extra space you’re wasting.

Instead of filling your pantry with items that are sure to get lost in the back, place tall bottles and jars of lazy Susans that rotate for 360-degree access. Stop mixing bottles and flip to find what you need.

We all have problems reaching the top shelves. Save for seasonal items and interesting items like plates and trays. Store items you use every day, such as plates and bowls, in drawers that are easy to access.

The Best Kitchen Layout Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

We all love having storage containers on a shelf, but moving them to deeper shelves makes them easier to see and keeps all the covers in one place so you don’t get lost.

If space is your biggest concern, think of any empty space as an opportunity to create additional storage. We love how this kitchen uses the unused side of the kitchen cabinets to maximize drawer storage.

Most closets have a good amount of space, but accessing that space can feel impossible at times. Instead of getting down on your knees and building what looks like your entire upper body into a cabinet, install cement cabinets. Convenient pull-outs make it easy to reach remote cabinet areas you don’t normally use.

Small Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

If you are looking to double the shelf space in your kitchen cupboards, the best solution is included and easy to install. Try some of the available shelves in the cupboard to get all your dishes in their place.

Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Wire shelves add extra shelves without the need for electrical equipment, extra wood, or dimensions — and the best part, you can get them for less than $10.

If you don’t have upper cabinets, a few shelves will give you the storage you need without the need for a contractor. Additionally, the open shelf look is very trendy in today’s kitchen.

You don’t want to go through the trouble of organizing, only to lose all your kitchen and food items in large baskets. Choose a wire basket or mesh basket that you can see and an empty container for quick access to your favorite snacks.

Labeling your bins, drawers, and shelves not only helps you know where everything is, but also keeps you accountable on days when you’re lazy to organize. Good labeling keeps everything and anything in its place in this fridge.

Diy Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

A slim, long shelf for spices and cooking oil (usually installed next to the stove), is a great addition to any small kitchen. It doesn’t take up much space, but most kitchen items are within reach.

If you don’t already have as many hooks as your kitchen sink, you’re missing out on valuable storage space. Place kitchen towels, cutting boards and even plants here to keep them out of the way, but still out of reach when you need them.

Canned foods are often hidden in cupboards, piled up and pushed to the back. Instead of keeping all those cans out of sight, put them up so you can actually see what you have.

Small Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

No matter how organized you think you are, if you don’t use dividers, things will fall apart and look like a mess. Some disc tools will group groups and filter easily.

Best Kitchen Organization Ideas

When it comes to flatware, Wirick suggests evaluating your needs, editing a copy, and discarding it. “You may want to have a few spatulas and nonstick pans, but if space is a constraint, push yourself to have one,” she says.

Wirick admits it can be a little annoying at times, but she says, “It’s better than having overflowing drawers and closets.”

One of the basics of organization involves grouping certain parts together. This makes it easy to find and store everything you may need at that particular time. A well-organized and well-stocked coffee bar will certainly make your mornings easier. I thought we had a small kitchen with limited storage at Seaways, but compared to our kitchen, it is HUGE! 😀 I liked it anyway. I like that it takes less time to start cleaning and it forces me to be a cleaner worker. I have to clean up the way I’m going now because there’s no way it’s going to happen. The downside of a small kitchen is the lack of seating. I love having a kitchen table, especially when the kids grow up, so they can sit and do their homework while I cook dinner. It’s one of those things on our must-have list when we finally (hopefully) make a purchase. The other thing is that you can only have one person in our kitchen at a time, two clicks, not three chances in hell! But the biggest disadvantage is storage. Even in the smallest kitchen you need to have certain things to make the kitchen functional. Pots and pans, plates and dishes, utensils and of course food!

Working in a small kitchen has made me creative and utilize the space I have and don’t forget, I work in the kitchen and make cakes so I’m smart about where and how I store my tools and things. I thought it would be helpful to share small kitchen ideas with anyone else who has or is moving into a home with a small kitchen.

Kitchen Organization Ideas That Declutter Cabinets, Countertops, And More

This is the first and most important step to making the most of your space. You can’t waste your closet space by storing things you don’t use. When I packed the Seaways kitchen, I was very strict about what we packed to bring with us and what we set aside to buy.

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