Small Screened Porch Ideas On A Budget

Small Screened Porch Ideas On A Budget – We have lived in our house for four years and love our front porch very much. As a family we spend more time there than in the living room. And when friends come over, of course we go out on the back porch to catch up.

My husband works from home and has adopted the front porch as his side office. He had a lot to say in the redesign/update of our porch design and wanted the porch to have a masculine feel to the cabin. And I think we succeeded! The space is cozy and pleasant with lots of wood colors. We spent just under $400 on a new outdoor rug, 2 barrel chairs, coffee table, speaker system, bamboo shades and an updated ceiling fan for our front porch.

Small Screened Porch Ideas On A Budget

Small Screened Porch Ideas On A Budget

We have had the outdoor part for almost 4 years. It fits the space wonderfully, gives us great living space and is still in good condition, so I wanted to design around that. Last year at the end of the season I bought 9 new outdoor pillows at World Market at 75% off.

The Best Small Front Porch Ideas

Our screened porch was functional, but we wanted the space to be more personal in our style. The coffee table looked dark and heavy. And the carpet (originally from the bazaar) was very worn and faded.

Honestly, I was discouraged this spring that I didn’t get to update our front porch at all. Luckily, we spotted a vintage bamboo coffee table for $9 at Goodwill in June. It was exactly the look I wanted for the space and encouraged me to continue with our porch update.

If you find bamboo in a brick and mortar store and it is not in perfect condition, it can be repaired. Check out my friend Lora’s article from Craftivity Design about restoring bamboo and rattan furniture. This is really helpful!

When you don’t have a big budget for the project, it puts you off. Spend the day visiting local thrift stores. Chances are you’ll find some frugal inspiration!

Awesome Bohemian Porch Décor Ideas

Meanwhile, my husband scrapped 5 bamboo porch curtains. We live in a suburban community with houses close together and the shades give us privacy when working or relaxing. And an added bonus: blinds keep the porch much cooler during the day.

Barrel chairs were another thrift store find. My husband got them at our local Habitat for $8 each. At first I thought about returning the plaid, but on second thought they added cabin space. I also added some seat cushions to tone down the tartan a bit.

We went shopping in early July and found that Target and Home Depot had their outdoor rugs on sale. I chose a neutral brown rug with a grid pattern. It looks like natural burlap, but is made of polypropylene to resist mold. I was excited to find a large outdoor rug for under $100!

Small Screened Porch Ideas On A Budget

We also add technology to the space. At night we installed a set of string lights and synced them to the Wemo smart plug. My husband wired up a thrift store speaker system and connected it to an Echo Dotwe he already had. So we can control our lights and music with smart technology, which I think is really cool.

Sunroom Ideas That Will Make You Want To Lounge Around All Day

We are very pleased with how our porch turned out. It feels like our second living room, protected from the elements but still with a cozy outdoor charm. If I bought new chairs, a coffee table, and a speaker system, we could easily approach $1,000 for this project.

By buying used furniture and buying a rug, we saved a few hundred dollars and spent less than $400. I hope this project inspires you to shop with a purpose and budget for your next project. By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve site navigation, analyze site usage and assist with our marketing efforts.

The weather may be heading for winter, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to throw in the towel on our newfound love of outdoor recreation. After spending summers in the garden, on the patio, or on the back deck, we’ve gotten used to spending most of the day outside in the fresh air, and we don’t like to give it up just because the temperatures threaten to drop.

Enter: armored porches. These seemingly all-weather spaces are the perfect compromise between indoors and outdoors, offering protection from insects (a much-needed benefit, especially in humid areas), cover from unexpected cloudbursts, and the opportunity to blur the line between indoor and outdoor furniture. fade away – in the best way, of course. Even those who shudder at the thought of outdoor upholstery can take the plunge by adding some soft pieces to this seasonal space.

Creative Porch Updates For A One Of A Kind Outdoor Room

However, decorating a screened porch can be difficult. Since there are more months of the year than actual outdoor spaces, a few seasonal changes are recommended: replace the seagrass rugs with something cozier as the seasons change, and spice things up with some soft pieces that will make the space so inviting in the winter make as . in summer we naturally think of cozy blankets. But there’s no need to overdo it with seasonal decorating, either: part of the appeal of a screened-in porch is that it’s an escape from the rest of the house, and simplicity is in its DNA.

Read on for some of the most inspiring porch spaces we’ve found, just in time to transition into the next season that’s a little sunnier.

This porch in the stoep is nothing less than a mini-vacation. With lush emerald green, subtle mid-century designs, and just the right amount of trendy woven rattan, we’ll love sipping our morning coffee (or evening cocktail) in this luxurious retreat. Gossamer curtains complete the look and have a twist: Here, classic white curtains are replaced with an unexpected gingham pattern for even more interest in this treetop paradise.

Small Screened Porch Ideas On A Budget

A little color theory trick: Surrounding yourself with fresh shades of green like the ones you see here can help lift your spirits on gray winter days, and that’s all the more reason to go green.

Screen Porch Ideas For Stylish Bug Free Entertaining

One of our favorite easy weekend tricks for a more welcoming sunroom or patio: paint an exterior wall of your home to create a high-contrast backdrop for year-round style. It’s an often overlooked step that can completely change the look and feel of your space, plus it’s affordable and affordable. Be aware that if you ever remove the screened porch, you will likely need to paint the exterior to match.

If you’re not blessed with a historic, characterful exterior, don’t worry. A screened porch is the perfect place to include some choice architectural storage pieces to give your space an antique feel. Here, heavily ornate doors offer color palette inspiration and instant old-world personality. This tip is especially important if you’re planning new construction, which can sometimes lack architectural details in favor of “builder standard” finishes.

Indoor and outdoor rugs are a natural addition to patios or solariums, but they are not the only option. While the plastic-based rugs found in department stores have come a long way from where they started, there are still organic alternatives that can add more warmth and richness to your space. Instead, choose natural furs (which feel great underfoot and can survive many climates) or even a chunky woven rattan or seagrass rug to add a beachy texture to your space. And don’t be afraid to layer, sometimes the best rug for one room really is two (or three).

– Although the interior design scheme should remain consistent from room to room, a screened porch is the perfect place to play with pattern mixing, fun tropical motifs, and other bold styles you might not want. do otherwise. you want to take a chance on your main space. Layering lots of textiles is a surefire way to not only create a cozy feel, but to add a wonderful element of escape to your space… even if it’s just a stone’s throw from your kitchen off.

Enclosed Porch Ideas To Make You Want To Sit And Stay A While

If you have enough square footage, defining different “zones” in the porch area is a useful way to make the most of the room year-round. Conversation spaces can be visually separated from outdoor dining with the strategic use of rugs or even small floor accessories such as potted plants or lanterns to create a ‘wall’ effect in the space. Another element that makes a screened porch feel more homely: curtains. We love the classic white curtains we see in this space, especially when they flutter dramatically in a gentle breeze… but bamboo blinds or curtains are also a popular choice for a different aesthetic.

Of course, we would all love to decorate our spaces with hardwoods and palm fronds, but some climates are not suitable for these types of plants year-round. The alternative? Embrace tropical, green plant life in patterns rather than actual objects: these pillows and palms.

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