Split Level Home Additions Before And After

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Split Level Home Additions Before And After

Split Level Home Additions Before And After

We are delighted to be able to design a new second floor extension to this single storey suburban home and carry out improvements and restrictions. The young couple was interested in a simple and clean modern farmhouse style addition with whiteboard and batten siding and a new one car garage. The construction of this project will require demolishing the existing house to its foundation and constructing a new first and second floor. With zoning approved, this project will soon enter the construction phase. keep going!

Split Level Homes Long Island

The new homeowners liked the home’s location and size, but were unhappy with its tacky exterior. They brought this 1980’s modern home to a modern farmhouse aesthetic with the idea of ​​adding whiteboard and wainscoting, adding a new front porch, adding a new deck and adding an addition to the existing garage. New windows throughout, new cupola, new metal roof and new siding complete the exterior renovation.

The owners were in love with the area of ​​their home, but soon after moving in it became clear that it wasn’t working for their family. We wanted more bedroom space for the couple’s 4 children and a nice bedroom area, so we are planning a second floor extension on the garage to give everyone plenty of room to walk around. We are also renovating and repurposing the existing spaces to create a spacious eat-in kitchen for family meals on the ground floor, open kitchen living room/dining room, home office, mud room and guest suite. Outside, a new front porch and double gable offer much-needed curb appeal.

In this project, the owners loved their home in a small lakefront community, but realized the home’s existing deficiencies needed to be addressed for their growing family.

By moving the owner’s bedroom to a new second floor, the second floor bedrooms will be combined, allowing the couple to be close to their young children. In addition, the free space on the first floor will be a useful living space for the family. The interior renovations include a newly remodeled kitchen, laundry room to the second floor and, perhaps most importantly, moving the entrance to the front of the building for a more welcoming flow and organization. Add to that a newly covered front porch and this home is designed to support a growing family for years to come.

The Split Personality — Dannie Moore & Co.

The clients appreciate their home’s location on 2-1/2 acres that is heavily wooded and respects the creek and nature preserve. They contacted us with the intention of correcting some of the external and internal issues that caused the situation to worsen and needed help in designing and selecting new external materials to replace.

Our new outdoor offering includes new natural wood siding, stone foundations and corrugated iron. New entry doors, new windows and new cable tracks complete the exterior renovation.

In this project, the owners of the house see the extension of the front of their house as an opportunity to create something new, adding to their house from the street. By removing the existing front porch, we were able to create a new two-story addition to the front of the house, improving the overall building and complementing the curb appeal. The new addition will have a new entry hall and spacious living room on the first floor, master bedroom and walk-in closet on the second floor.

Split Level Home Additions Before And After

The new and growing family needs to expand the existing home. We’ve helped homeowners double their living space by working with them from an existing two-bedroom, 1-bathroom split-level home. Newly remodeled spaces include first floor open concept kitchen/living/dining room and newly attached 1 car garage. On the new upper level, a new master bedroom, along with two additional bedrooms, a hall bath and laundry room add to the amenities needed to keep the family comfortable here for many years.

S6 Split Level Main Floor Remodel

In this home renovation project, our client purchased this fix-up home with the intention of reselling the property. Our approach was to help the investor make improvements in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible, while updating the home to appeal to home buyers. New siding, roof, windows and covered front entry add to the home’s curb appeal. There are also plans for a new modern kitchen extension on the first floor which is part of an open concept living and dining room, a master bedroom extension on the second floor and a basement renovation.

The owners love the beauty and natural setting of their 4-bedroom mid-century modern home, but after a year in the home, they began to notice some flaws. The house does not have a proper front entrance, the existing living spaces (U-shaped kitchen, dining room and living room) are too small and closed to each other and lack storage. Dividing the existing 4 bedrooms between the first and second floors and feeling the need to keep a close eye on their young children, the family realizes the need for additions and renovations.

Working with the home owners we designed a 2 storey extension, creating a glass enclosed open plan living, dining and kitchen on the first floor and an additional bedroom on the first floor. Additionally, the new two-story glass entry foyer makes an impression upon arrival. Finally, the entire facade will be renovated with new windows, walls, stone and wood accents.

The owners of the house recently bought the house for the land and it is next to the nature reserve. It’s a modest home, too small for their current family, but it sits on a large, generous lot next to an acre of wood. Homeowners love the lifestyle. They want as many opportunities as possible to create an inviting home immersed in nature and outdoors.

Split Level Renovation

Homeowners are interested in using natural and sustainable materials and are drawn to homes with cedar clapboards and clapboards and other rustic materials.

Due to the desire of the owner of the house to touch the land as much as possible, the decision was made to expand, not from the outside. In addition, we decided that one of the main goals of the project is to fix the direction of the front. From the house to the existing road, not to the “paper road” where the house is seen working but not working.

The existing house has been in the family for decades, and the family patriarch has always dreamed of adding on to the house to take advantage of the property’s beautiful views. That’s why he first bought the property in the 1960s because the area was rural and life was simple. Unfortunately, this dream did not come true during his lifetime. After his father’s death, the next generation decided to build and renovate the house in his honor; The dream comes true and is heard in the living world.

Split Level Home Additions Before And After

The project includes the addition of a one-story large room on the first floor of the house, which enhances the view of the landscape above. In addition, the basement kitchen will be renovated by removing the wall between the kitchen and the living room and removing the wall between the existing house and a new great room. The end result will be an “open concept” living/dining/kitchen/great room perfect for large family gatherings and entertaining.

Before And After Remodel: 92nd St.

In addition to the work done on the public areas of the house, the first floor is planned for the master bedroom, which will allow the owners to age in the coming decades. The two large bedrooms on the second floor convert to four smaller but still generous bedrooms for the couple’s older children.

The homeowners chose the Adirondack style for their home. Design features include a fireplace and exposed beams in the new great room, dark prairie-style windows and massive stone pillars to match the style. If you’re buying a home and have ruled out duplexes and split-levels altogether, it may be time to take a step back and re-examine what a duplex or split-level system can offer you. This home has potential.

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