Split Level Home Remodel Before And After

Split Level Home Remodel Before And After – A Larkspur couple with three children and two dogs lived in their Larkspur home for nearly a decade, putting off major renovations because it was too busy. . But the flow of water at the bottom forced them to face some structural problems. However, the couple did not want to do a major renovation. Artist Steve Lochte directed them to go inside.

“We had the desire to fix some problems, improve a little and improve the plant,” said the man. “But when Steve showed us his design, it was like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ when Dorothy goes from black and white to color. We were disappointed.”

Split Level Home Remodel Before And After

Split Level Home Remodel Before And After

Architect Steve Lochte radically changed the look of the mid-rise building from the tired to the modern, welcoming exterior. Before the top was changed, a higher rear roofline allowed for larger, more open interior spaces. Before pictures of Steve Lochte. After photos by Jonathan Mitchell Photography.

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Lochte is president of the Lochte Architectural Group, a commercial and residential real estate firm with offices in San Francisco and Sacramento. The couple discovered Lochte’s work in the pages of Marin magazine; In 2017, the cover featured a renovated home he designed in Mill Valley. The home is mid-century modern, and the couple was drawn to that beautiful and warm wood finish that Lochte incorporated into the interior.

The biggest limitation of the project is that the 3,000 square meter building was built on top of a mountain, which cannot be exceeded. It had the right number of rooms, but the rest of the layout wasn’t working for the family.

“Our goal is to make sure every room is in use,” the woman said. “And we did. Steve multiplied every square meter.

The dining table is from Room and Board and the chairs are from Wayfair. The wife bought a lot of furniture, looking for a warm but modern atmosphere to match the renovated house.

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Architect Steve Lochte used wooden partitions to separate the main living area from the staircase leading up from the entry hall.

The upper floor has low ceilings and dark, narrow rooms. To solve these problems and give the family an impressive kitchen, Lochte raised the ceiling to 14 feet, which filled the room with light; he also changed the kitchen and the food.

The photo above shows the original entrance to the house. Inside the new door, frosted glass doors and new Bonelli doors + windows to create a clean and bright space at home.

Split Level Home Remodel Before And After

He also removed the wall above the stairs leading to the front door, creating a sense of fluidity in the main living area. “Now it comes with a view of the entire mountain,” Lochte said.

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The new kitchen has high ceilings and two islands. The cabinets are by Kinross Woodworking, the custom chairs are by MorningWorks, and the Swirl Pendant is by LZF.

In the converted back courtyard, a curved staircase made by All Weld Metal Fabrication leads to the roof. The patio furniture is from Right Side and the fire table is from Paloform.

Another big change on the upper floor is the large sliding door between the living room and the outdoor patio. Lochte increased the size of the courtyard and installed it in the interior, allowing for easy flow.

The husband also requested a ceiling to cover the master bedroom. “That’s my only contribution,” he said with a laugh. “We don’t have many views because we are deep in the valley, but you can see the mountains and Mount Tam from there.”

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The proposal required some mechanical skill to run the stairs from the patio to the roof, but the couple said it was worth it considering how often they use the deck for stargazing or socializing. a drink at sunset with friends.

The basement of the family room was damaged by water from the upper floor, but it is closed for repairs. Large sliding doors provide light and access to the yard.

The basement, which was mostly an open playroom—a stairwell—had to be organized. “It’s a wish list,” the woman said. “We needed a real mud room, gym and another bathroom. Steve came back with a great design.

Split Level Home Remodel Before And After

The lower level has a comfortable gym with sliding doors. An open gym provides natural light and overlooks the landscape. When the doors are closed, the gym is hidden from the main entrance and family room.

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Construction, overseen by Tom Wharton of TJ Built Construction, repaired the leak. “We blew it,” Lochte said. The room is directly below the terrace, so Lochte added a floating system, which will facilitate access to the roof in the future.

Because of the slope, the main entrance is above the ground. Crossed steps divided into grassy areas connect the gate to the street.

The exterior also underwent major changes. From the poor entrance to the old part, everything should be updated, but in a way that is not a visual disturbance in the neighborhood of old buildings. The project must go through Larkspur’s planning and building departments.

“It’s contagious,” Lochte said. “In the first round, we did a design review, and it was very encouraging because of the big changes we made.”

Taking On The Challenges Of Remodeling A Split Level Home

Most of the repairs were focused on the door of the house, which sits about three feet above the fence. “The board didn’t want a big staircase from the street to the front door,” Lochte said. “So we incorporated steps into the landscape to gradually lead you to the front door.”

From renovating the missing patio to renovating the whole house, the job took almost three years from the first meeting to moving in. Fortunately, the construction, which moved the family to an apartment in a nearby town, took more than a year. Now that it’s done, the homeowners are more than happy to move on.

“I liked the design of this house in Mill Valley in Marin, but I didn’t think we could convince Steve to design our house,” said the wife. “We’re lucky he was happy.” Semi-detached homes have been around since the 1950s. The design and layout of these homes is aesthetically pleasing and very practical for many homeowners. In most cases, when you enter an intermediate level, you will see a set of stairs leading down to the lower level, as well as another set leading up. The layout of these houses usually consists of a main level with a kitchen, living room and bathroom, upstairs with bedrooms and a basement. What about outside? You can’t always tell a two-story house from the outside. Side style house allows you to see all aspects of the house. If your partition is split in the back, it means that you can only see one level from the front and you have to look at the house from the side to see the other levels.

Split Level Home Remodel Before And After

Whatever your style division, our designers have unique ideas to help you make your home unique!

Before And After: 1960 Split Level Green Makeover

Are you stuck trying to think of new ways to update the exterior of your home? Our graphic design services are made for homeowners just like you. Our designers will work with you to understand your design goals to develop a display like the one below.

It’s not always easy to spot a split just by looking at the outside. In the picture above, the bricks were extended outside the house. Our designers have created tables for the outdoors, with different colors and shades. The partition in the middle of the house attracts attention, and the upper part is represented by a different color. On the right side, there are wooden signs that add more signage and make it easier to enter the boat.

We love the look of a traditional split-level home with a mix of red brick and siding. The before-and-after above shows how special renovations can update a home just as much as a major renovation. The house already has a nice color block look – it just needs a fresh coat of paint.

Most traditional two-story houses have the condition that the house hangs over the garage. If you are using this partition design, consider using the garage door as a design element. With the house shown above, our designers recommended a black color for the garage door. Using light colors on the exterior of the house, black paint and black lights on each side of the garage door will bring the entire garage area into focus. Also, they work together

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