Split Level House Renovation Before And After

Split Level House Renovation Before And After – As duplexes and two-story homes became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, the suburbs began to expand. It was the perfect solution to the slippage that often occurs in new developments. It was also (at the time) affordable and a good family option. Although architectural styles are changing these days for new buildings, duplexes are still the best homes with the right design choices and a fresh, updated look.

There are many duplexes in the area, so you currently live in a home and are thinking about renovating your home. Or maybe you’ve seen one on the market and need some design inspiration on how to make it your own. Let’s look at an example to show how it’s done!

Split Level House Renovation Before And After

Split Level House Renovation Before And After

Our client’s home was built in 1963. They loved their home, the large yard and the great neighborhood, but were ready to completely rethink and redo their basic standard of living. The original footprint consisted of a small U-shaped kitchen with hanging cabinetry and sandwiched between the dining room at one end and the large family room at the other.

Split Level House Exterior Remodel

This layout created many separate rooms and a split floor plan. As a family of four, they outgrew the small kitchen and were willing to open up the floor plan to better accommodate the family’s needs. The helicopter doors to the yard are also not accessible from the kitchen. Although this was a transitive “wrap” (discussed below), it did not allow for casual outdoor dining or outdoor entertaining.

Two-story houses are good because they allow space to be separated naturally, but if there are too many walls on each floor, it can make the space look cramped. By removing walls, you can create stunning views and make better use of the space on each floor. The key is to create spaces that still maintain connectivity and flow from one to the next.

An additional challenge when renovating a 2-level or two-story home is what to do with the space when you walk up the stairs from the main entrance. The “doorway” at the top of the stairs in the client’s home became a drop zone for children’s toys and other items. Creating a more inviting and open concept was a “must” on our client’s wish list.

Family time and entertainment were also prioritized, but the current layout did not have room for everyone to be in the kitchen at the same time, and it was difficult to supervise the children when they were in another room.

Contemporary Classic Split Level Renovation In Edina

The overall design goal was to create an open concept and a larger, more functional kitchen. We started by removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room. This gave us the space we needed to create a larger kitchen with a large island – but still enough space for a family size dining table and chairs.

In addition to creating an open kitchen and dining room, we added a second entrance to the family room opposite the kitchen. This created a better flow between these two rooms and allowed better access to the patio doors leading to the backyard.

But we didn’t go with a completely open concept. Part of the wall separating the kitchen from the family room was kept to separate the space, but a new sink/bar and additional cupboards add both functionality and real design ‘wow’.

Split Level House Renovation Before And After

Stairs and railings are one of the easiest things to change when updating your two-story home. Most homes built in the 1960s have painted metal trim to match the area. Our client’s staircase leading from the entrance foyer to the ground floor was no exception. Removing and replacing the worn metal stair rail was another ‘must do’ to ensure continuity with the new modern design.

Split Level House

Now it feels like a brand new home! With walls and glass-hung cabinets from the kitchen, we have plenty of space for a large island, which not only provides a preparation surface, but also creates a great space for family and friends.

Ready to renovate but don’t know where to start? Synergy Design & Construction is a full service design firm; This means we work with you from design to construction of your new space. There is no handover between designers and contractors and the entire project is managed professionally throughout the process. To be in touch. Our consultations are free of charge, no obligations!

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Weekly planners: First Date, Tour de Hunter, Mill and more than half of Fairfax County have at least one dose of the vaccine as cases of covid-19 decline for a decade until late summer, delaying major changes because they are so crowded. But then water seeping into the basement forced them to address some structural issues. However, the couple did not want to do a complete renovation. Architect Steve Lochte convinced them to do anything.

Split Level House Renovation Before And After

“We wanted to fix some issues, freshen it up a bit and improve the floor plan,” says Ir. “But when Steve showed us his design, it was like Dorothy had gone black and white in The Wizard of Oz. It blew our minds.”

Split Level House Exterior Ideas

Architect Steve Lochte transformed the exterior of the two-story house from tired siding to a modern, contemporary look. While the boxy look remains the same, a higher rear roofline has allowed for larger, more open interior spaces. Photos by Steve Lochte. “After” photos from Jonathan Mitchell Photography.

Lochte is CEO of Lochte Architectural Group, which manages retail and residential projects with offices in San Francisco and Sacramento. The pair revealed Lochte’s work in the pages of Marine magazine; The remodeled Mill Valley home was on the cover in 2017. The house had a mid-century modern style, and the couple was drawn to this aesthetic and the warm wood accents that Lochte incorporated into the interior.

The biggest limitation with the project was that the 3,000-square-foot house was built on top of a hill, so it couldn’t get any bigger. It had adequate bedrooms, but the rest of the layout didn’t work for the family.

“Our goal is to make sure every pitch works,” says his wife. And so we did. Steve maximized every square inch.

Split Level Houses: Pros And Cons

Dining room table Food and nutrition, chairs Wayfair. His wife bought most of the furniture, looking for a modern feel that suited the renovated home.

Architect Steve Lochte used wood panel dividers to separate the floorboards from the stairs leading up from the entry foyer.

The upper floor had low, dark, short rooms. To solve these problems and give the family a kitchen to look at, Lochte raised the ceiling to 14 feet, flooding the space with light; also moved the kitchen and dining room.

Split Level House Renovation Before And After

The previous photo shows the original entrance to the house. A frosted glass door in the new entryway and new windows from Bonelli Doors + Windows give the home a brighter, brighter look.

Before And After: 1980’s Split Level House Transformation In Canada

He also removed the wall above the stairs, creating a sense of flow in the main living areas. “Now it’s a beautiful destination, with mountaintop views,” says Lochte.

The updated kitchen has high ceilings and double islands. Cabinets from Kinross Woodworking, custom pallets from MorningWorks and Swirl Suspension from LZF.

At the rear entrance, a curved staircase of all-welded metal leads to the roof. Rural furniture RH, fireplace table Paloform.

The other major change upstairs is a large sliding door system between the living room and patio. Lochte increased the size of the patio and integrated it with the interior, so it becomes an easy flow.

Maximizing Storage In Downers Grove

The husband also requested a roof terrace above the bedroom. “It was the only part of me

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