Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before And After – Two-story and two-story homes became popular in the 1950s and 1960s as the suburbs began to expand. It was the perfect solution for the plots often found in new buildings. It was also (at the time) reasonably priced and a great family choice. Although architectural styles for new construction have changed these days, split-level homes are still the perfect home with the right design choices and a fresh, updated look.

There are many split level homes in this area, so you may be living in one now and thinking about renovating your home. Or maybe you’ve seen one on the market and need some design inspiration to see how you can make it your own. Let’s look at a case study to show you how!

Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Our client’s home was built in 1963. They loved their home, the great yard, and the great neighborhood, but they were ready to completely rethink and redesign their basic living standard. The original footprint consisted of a small U-shaped kitchen enclosed by hanging glass cabinets and placed between a dining room on one side and a large family room on the other.

Split Level Home Remodeling Northborough

This design created many different rooms and a compact floor plan. As a family of four, they had outgrown the small kitchen and were ready to open up the floor plan to better accommodate their family’s needs. Also, the patio doors did not lead directly from the kitchen. Although there was a “hatch” passage (see below), it did not allow for comfortable outdoor dining or outdoor entertaining.

Split-level homes are great because they allow space to be physically separated, but having too many walls on each level can make the space feel cramped. By removing walls, you can create longer sight lines and make better use of the available square footage on each level. The key is to create worlds that still connect and flow from one to the other.

An additional challenge when renovating a two-story or two-story home is what to do with the space once you walk up the stairs from the main entrance. The “foyer” of our client’s home at the top of the stairs became a dumping ground for children’s toys and other things. Creating a more welcoming and open concept was a “must have” on our clients’ wish list.

Family time and entertainment were also a top priority, but the current layout didn’t have enough space for everyone to be in the kitchen at the same time, and it was difficult to watch the kids when they were in another room.

The Pros & Cons Of Open Concept Split Level Kitchen Remodel

Therefore, the overall design goal was to create a more open concept and a larger, more functional kitchen. We started by removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room. This gave us the space we needed to create a very large kitchen with a beautiful large island – but still enough space for a family table and dining chairs.

In addition to creating a more open concept kitchen and dining room, we also added a second entrance from the kitchen to the family room on the opposite end. This created a better flow between these two rooms and improved access to the patio doors that led to the patio.

However, we didn’t start with a completely open concept. Part of the wall separating the kitchen from the family room was retained to create a lounge area, but the new sink/bar and additional cabinetry provide both functionality and real design “wow”.

Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Stairs and walkways are one of the easiest things you can change to update your split level home. Many houses built in the 1960s have painted metal railings that instantly date the place. The staircase leading to the main level from the entrance of our client’s home was no exception. The removal and replacement of the antiquated metal staircase was another ‘must have’ to ensure the sustainability of the new modern design.

Split Level House Remodel 2021: The Before Pictures

Now it feels like a whole new home! With the walls and hanging glass-fronted cabinets removed from the kitchen, we had enough room for a large island that not only provides plenty of prep space, but also creates the perfect gathering place for family and friends.

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Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before And After

They both love to cook – the original kitchen was great for one cook, but difficult for two adults. They wanted an island, two sinks, a shower, double ovens and a larger refrigerator. In order to have the necessary cleanliness of these things, we removed the walls that closed the kitchen.

Split Level Main Floor Remodel In West Seattle · Pathway

The walls above look normal, right? It turns out they were sprayed with asbestos, which involved a costly collapse that was emotionally and financially painful. Anyone with a home older than 1980 should check drywall, popcorn ceilings, and other questionable items for asbestos before the showing.

AFTER: Removed walls, popcorn, old cabinets and made a clean soffit. (Photo by Jordan Katz and styling by Christy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The new kitchen sink is placed exactly where the old one was. The second sink is located under the front window of the restaurant. Box heights are almost always approximate. The white wooden floors are transparent, satin.

After: This is my new favorite kitchen. I love that we kept the dining room windows where they were. (Photo by Jordan Katz and styling by Christy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

Maximizing Storage In Downers Grove

For me, windows and natural light in the kitchen are more important than wall cabinets. But I’m a minimalist when it comes to kitchen appliances. The pantry is to the right of the fridge if you’re wondering where it’s stored! Delta’s Cassidy counters are a champagne bronze. The cabinet is powered by Emtek.

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but at the request of the customer’s husband, we raised the island about 2 inches above standard height so he could be more comfortable cooking. I’ve done this before in kitchens with taller clients who like to eat.

Tail: This is the only place we put open shelving – it’s pure white walnut. Since we had limited wall space, we chose the upper cabinets elsewhere. (Photo by Jordan Katz and styling by Christy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before And After

PREVIOUS: Hidden for another photo! It was a narrow breakfast area that was used a lot for casual dining. The area on the left leads to the family room, the garage and the client’s backyard. Split level homes are designed to create different levels of privacy for the family while maximizing outdoor space. They are also designed without aging in place.

Shifflett Kitchen Remodel

After: I added a banquette to the kitchen to create a more intimate space next to the large open kitchen. I love how different this area is now. Clients still have a dining table for formal meals and use this space for art and games. (Photo by Jordan Katz and styling by Christy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

When you have a large open space, I think it’s important to create at least one intimate space where you can sit to the side – either with your back to the wall or

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