Tiny Kitchen Color Ideas

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Tiny Kitchen Color Ideas

Tiny Kitchen Color Ideas

Your kitchen is the center of your home and one of the most used rooms in your home. A good kitchen will not only enhance the style of your home, it will increase your happiness every day. But for those of us with conventional kitchens without an open concept, creating the perfect space can be difficult. A small kitchen has its challenges, but one easy way to make a big difference is with color.

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If you want to give your kitchen a burst of color, it’s important to find the right color to open up your space and keep it fresh and bright. To help, we talked to several designers to find the best paint color options for your small kitchen. Click for more top picks.

A common theme we hear from all the designers we talk to is what a small kitchen does.

It’s really boring. Michelle Salz-Smith of Studio Surface talks about colorful options. “In a small kitchen, the color feels appropriate and rich,” she says. “The plaster application” by Farrow and Ball [adds] a soft, almost sharp color” to the kitchen.

According to Michelle Brooke of Michelle Brooke Design, a unique kitchen is the perfect opportunity to make a splash. “If a small kitchen doesn’t have tons of cabinets, this is a great opportunity,” he says.

Timeless Kitchen Décor Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style

A fun way to add color to a small kitchen without wasting space, Brooke says, is to create a two-tone space. Deep reds like Templeton Green pair wonderfully with crisp white. Variety makes things interesting and adds depth to the kitchen.

While we are big fans of colorful kitchens, a beautiful white kitchen will always be in our hearts. Eugenia Triandos of Hibou Design & Cosays Chantilly Lace “is an obvious choice for a small kitchen as strong as ever.” White without undertones of power, he said: “It works well with a lot of other colors and a lot of applications.”

What other color does Triandos want? Onx from Benjamin Moore. “If you want a little drama but don’t want your small space to feel cramped, consider dark cabinetry, while hiding the light above,” she says. A two-tone kitchen is a wonderful way to furnish a very small kitchen.

Tiny Kitchen Color Ideas

A good common ground between white and rich color is a nice soft gray. Triandos says “Sometimes when we choose all white walls, it’s better to switch them and choose a light gray for the kitchen cabinets.”

Painting Strategies That Make A Small Kitchen Look Larger

Your color choices can look different on the same cabinet. “Always ask for a cabinet sample of the chosen color before confirming the product,” says Triandos.

Amy Peltier of Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home loves tea light because it’s “stunning and fresh at the same time.” If you want to add a color without ruining the space, a color like this is perfect because it’s white in some lights but dark in others.

Katie Hodges of Katie Hodges Design chooses neutral colors when painting a small kitchen. He says “the subtle tones of Hardwick White go beyond the usual ‘white’ or ‘grey’ to provide a subtle beauty.

A great choice for a modern farmhouse kitchen, this shade of blue is a deep green that can turn almost brown in certain lighting. If you need to DIY, a darker color will help hide the stain better than a lighter color. Before you try DIY, “make sure you clean all the cabinets, remove all the doors, sand and paint before you paint,” says Hodges.

Paint Colors For Small Kitchens Designers Love

If your home has a shared living room and kitchen, a bold color will help define the space and create a clear separation between the two. And if you need any motivation to boldly paint your kitchen, now is the time. This soft pink is soft enough to feel neutral in certain lighting, but it gives the space a lot of personality. appliance like a lot of space gymnastics, such as cutting vegetables on the counter to the size of a seal or squeeze a stomach that fits between your fridge and kitchen island, can get old – fast. But being short on square footage doesn’t have to limit the potential of a kitchen design. In fact, you might be surprised at the many ways to make kitchens look great and feel comfortable.

Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, partner at Netbrax Associates advises: “Always extend your cabinets to the ceiling, no matter how big your kitchen is. in a Manhattan apartment with a small kitchen. Otherwise ceilings as high as sky (we hear renters), Buxbaum-Gordon suggests considering the small: “Invest in details that add visual impact and feel.” Whether it’s beveling or adding a brass band to a counter face or carrying vintage appliances… use these small details to create your own image.

Changing a dry shade of color for a brighter and brighter color in your clothes can also be a long way, in addition to other tips and tricks. So we’ve collected 81 small kitchens from our archives to show you how. Read on to see beautiful homes that make the most of their small designs with bold cabinetry, accent pieces, beautiful lighting solutions, and more.

Tiny Kitchen Color Ideas

This Victorian farmhouse in Oxfordshire, England, owned by Toast CEO Suzy de Rohan Wilner may be on the small side, but it oozes country charm. Bright green lower cabinets help the eye move around the space, while open shelving allows for great storage and display of chic knickknacks.

Ideas For Making A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

The buyer of this Manhattan apartment doesn’t use her small modern kitchen very often, but that didn’t stop designer Lauren Buxbaum Gordon from making it a game. His signature move? Cabinet expansion on very high ceilings. Bright countertops and bright white paint bring sunshine into the room, but it’s the shiny gold hardware and accents that make this small kitchen pop.

When working on a 16th century town house, like the French designer Eric Allart, you have to accept the quirks of the period. This kitchen is full of terracotta tiles. Instead of removing them, Allart kept them and created a beautiful kitchen with unexpected colors to complement them. Here, an inky tile backsplash reflects sunlight, and a shade of Pepto-pink on the walls and ceiling helps draw the eye.

This home, designed by the New York firm Husband Wife, uses kitchen cabinetry by Buxbaum Gordon. But instead of the usual white, the designer covered the walls with round marble and covered the cabinets with a dreamy shade of shiny cream. It is a perfect blend of ancient and modern.

A small space didn’t stop Nate Burkes from adding a small table and chairs (an old school architect’s table and chairs) to his first kitchen in Chicago. The metal cabinets in the 1929 apartment are original and have proven to be the right amount of industrial storage.

Small Rustic Kitchen Ideas

You won’t believe it, but this cottage in Provincetown, Massachusetts, started life as a humble fishing shack. Designer David Caffero embraced the nautical theme throughout the home, including this pint-sized kitchen, modeled after a sailboat.

This Brooklyn apartment is blessed with very high ceilings and tons of natural light. Designer Daniel Fenney of Revamp Interior Design amped up the vibe of the combined kitchen and dining room with fun pops of jewelry, including this emerald green backsplash (which matches the original, white tile floor which is set by the manufacturer). modified) and retro-chic Knoll dining chairs again in red, “nightclub ready” high-end leather.

Like most busy New Yorkers, this Manhattan apartment dweller rarely has time to cook, but that doesn’t mean the kitchen plays second fiddle at home. Instead, Sarah Mandel and Risa Eman of Cochineal Design made the space their own showroom, with golden marble and the much-loved Farrow & Ball red cabinets. Bonus: This is the perfect place to display a client’s jewelry collection.

Tiny Kitchen Color Ideas

Sometimes it’s good to embrace the chaos. And we can’t think either

Winning Kitchen Color Schemes For A Look You’ll Love Forever

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