Tri Level Home Remodel Before And After

Tri Level Home Remodel Before And After – Duplex and two-story homes became popular in the 1950s and 1960s as neighborhoods began to expand. They are the perfect solution to the loose soil often found in new construction. They were also (at the time) very affordable and a great family choice. Although the architectural style has changed with new construction recently, the multi-story home is still a great home with the right design choices and a fresh, updated look.

There are many two-story houses in this area, so maybe you live in one now and are thinking about renovating yours. Or maybe you’ve seen one on the market and need some design inspiration to see how you can make one yourself. Let’s look at a case study to show you how to do that!

Tri Level Home Remodel Before And After

Tri Level Home Remodel Before And After

Our client’s home was built in 1963. They loved their home, the large backyard and the beautiful setting, but they were ready to completely rethink and redesign the main residence. The original landmark had a small U-shaped kitchen, surrounded by hanging glass cabinets and placed between the dining area on one side and the large living room on the other.

Open Concept Remodeling Ideas For A 1960’s Split Level House — Degnan Design Build Remodel

This layout creates many different rooms with a reduced floor plan. As a family of four, they have expanded their kitchen and are willing to open up the floor plan to accommodate their family’s needs. In addition, the patio door to the backyard cannot be accessed directly from the kitchen. Although there is a “hatch” (see below), it does not allow for fun dinners or outdoor entertaining.

Partitions are great because they allow for a natural division of space, but having too many walls on each floor can make the space feel cramped. By removing walls, you can create beautiful sight lines and make the most of the available square footage on each level. The key is to create spaces that stay connected and flow from one space to another.

An added challenge when remodeling a multi-story home is what to do with the space when you walk up the stairs from the front door. The “front room” of our client’s home at the top of the stairs has become a storage area for children’s toys and other items. Creating a more welcoming and open concept is a “must have” item on our clients’ wish list.

Family time and entertainment are also a priority, but in the current arrangement there is not enough space for everyone to be in the kitchen at the same time and it is difficult to keep an eye on the children when they are in other rooms.

Split Level Homes Are Perfect And I Will Die On This Hill

Therefore, the overall goal of this design is to create a more open concept with a larger and more functional kitchen. We started by removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining area. This gave us the space needed to create a larger kitchen and a beautiful island – but still has enough room for a family dining table and chairs.

In addition to creating a more open concept for the kitchen and dining area, we also added another door from the kitchen to the living room on the other side. This creates a better flow between the two rooms and better access to the patio doors leading to the garden.

However, we do not use a very clear concept. The wall separating the kitchen and living room was retained to create a separation of spaces, while a new sink/prep area and additional cupboards provide a real ‘wow’ design and functionality.

Tri Level Home Remodel Before And After

Stairs and rails are one of the easiest things to change to update your home between floors. Many homes built in the 1960s have painted metal railings that instantly give a room a dated look. The stairs leading to the main floor from the foyer of our client’s home are no exception. Removing and replacing old steel stair railings is a “must have” to ensure continuity with a new, modern design.

Incredible Before And After Exterior Home Remodels

Now it feels like a new home! With the walls and glass cabinets removed from the kitchen, we have plenty of space for a large island that not only provides plenty of preparation space, but also creates a great place to gather with family and friends.

Are you ready to renovate but not sure where to start? Synergy Design and Construction is a full-service company, which means we work with you from new architectural design to construction. There is no division between architect and contractor and everything is professionally managed along the way. Related. Our advice is free and there is no obligation!

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Weekly planner: First date, Tour de Hunter Mill and more than half of Fairfax County have at least one dose of vaccine as COVID-19 cases drop to late summer levels Derelict housing has been around since the 1950s Structure and layout of both these houses. Visually aesthetic and very practical for many homeowners. Often, when you enter a split level, you will see a staircase leading to the lower level as well as a separate staircase going up. The stair structure of these houses usually consists of a main floor with a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom, an upper floor with bedrooms and a finished basement. But what about externalities? You can’t always recognize a tall building from the outside. Side-by-side style houses allow you to see all levels of the house’s facade. If your split is a rear split, it means you can see one level from the front and you have to see the house from the side to see the other levels.

Tri Level Home Remodel Before And After

Whatever your style, our designers have unique ideas to help you emphasize what makes your home unique!

Split Level Entry Remodel Before & After

Are you stuck trying to think of new ways to entertain outside your home? Our virtual design service is designed for homeowners like you. Our designers will work with you to understand your design goals to develop the presentation as shown below.

It is not always easy to see the level of division from the outside. In the photo above, bricks are scattered outside the house. Our designers create layers on the outside by mixing different shapes and colors. The contrast center of the house, where the upper floor is shown in different colors, is eye-catching. The right side has more prominent wood accents and makes it easier to see the door from the side.

We love the look of a traditional house on a hill with a combination of red brick and siding. The before and after shown above shows how smart updates can refresh a home as well as new architecture. The house already has a good color block look – it just needs a fresh coat of paint.

Many traditional terraced houses have a floor that extends into the garage. On a different level to this layout, consider thinking of your garage door as a design element. For the house shown above, our designer suggested black for the garage door. With the light color used on the exterior of the house, black paint and black lights on either side of the garage door draw attention to the entire garage area. In addition, they coordinate with the new front door.

Remodeling A Split Level House (part 1/2)

We love the modern design look at a terraced house. Dark gray James Hardie Hardie® Plank and Aspyre Reveal® Panel System overlays, along with wood accents, create a bold, elegant look that emphasizes split-level construction.

This beach house on a hill with a white exterior has a clean aura. Incorporating paneled windows on each level enhances the home’s unique design. Mixing window sizes brings more layers to make the exterior attractive and attractive.

The two-story home embodies a retro vibe reminiscent of one of the two most iconic franchises of all time: the Brady Bunch home. It’s time to modernize it. Clean siding and new modern garage doors take up this front real estate. Perhaps our favorite part of the new exterior is the potential porch addition

Tri Level Home Remodel Before And After

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