Winged Eyeliner To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Winged Eyeliner To Make Eyes Look Bigger – Is it always difficult to draw winged eyeliner? With practice you will quickly master this technique. Today I would like to share some tips and tricks to make the eyeliner application process easier. Let’s begin!

1. Draw a straight object (brush, credit card or ruler handle) along the outside of the lower lash line. Basically, place a straight object parallel to your eye’s waterline. This will give you the same wing angle for both eyes.

Winged Eyeliner To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Winged Eyeliner To Make Eyes Look Bigger

2. Next, take a brush/ruler and place a point where you want the wings to end. You can add a few extra dots to the outer corner of the eye to create feather marks.

Your Ultimate Guide To The Different Types Of Eyeliner Wings

3. Connect the dots. You can do the same for the other eye and make sure both eyes have the same/same wing.

4. Lash line above the eyes. Keep the line thin and draw it as close to the lash line as possible in short strokes at a time.

5. Define the starting point. I like to start my wings in the middle of my lid. Then draw a small dotted line connecting the wing tip and the starting point of the wing.

6. Connect the dashes and fill in the wings. You can also make the line a little thicker along the upper lash line if you like. Also, the outside of the wing can be cleaned and sharpened using wet wipes or cotton swabs.

Bigger Eyes With Makeup| Ashley Brooke Nicholas

That’s all! All you need is a little practice and drawing cat eyes will be easy.

Hooded eye liner. What if your eyes were half closed like me? A hooded eye shape is a type of eye in which the lid space is small or non-existent and the crease overlaps it. This eye shape is always more difficult to work with than the “normal” eye shape. So, let me introduce you to a simple illustration.

2. Open your eyes and look straight ahead. As I said before, when the eyes are open, the eyelid overlaps the middle eyelid. Look straight ahead and draw wings on the overlapping lid.

Winged Eyeliner To Make Eyes Look Bigger

3. Then look down and plug the wing slot under the hooded lid and stuff the wings.

How To Do Perfect Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

A wing liner that creates round eyes. If you want rounder eyes, try shortening the wings and thickening the lash line. However, the wings can be made longer if a more dramatic look is desired. In this case, draw a waterline with a darker eyeliner so the eye contour/lift doesn’t look too extreme. Also, if you want to make your eyes look smaller, always line your lashes above the waterline and draw a narrow line to make your big round eyes look smaller.

None of the lines work, so you can’t get a wing wrap, right? Then use my favorite trick! Apply eyeliner (preferably a soft kohl pencil) and blend. A matte black eyeshadow can lengthen and soften liner smudges. This way, you can always achieve a sultry yet subtle look that is perfect for everyday or casual makeup. By clicking on “Accept all cookies” you agree to improve site navigation, analyze site usage and store cookies on your device. Please support our marketing efforts.

Ashley Rebecca is a makeup artist based in New York and is a regular contributor to makeup, skincare, and hair care.

Eyeliner is one of those little details that can make a big impact. Whether you’re going for a classic cat eye or a more modern neon look, adding a little color to your lash line will enhance the color, shape and overall look of your eyes. But that said, it can be a little tricky to master, especially if you have the hooded eye shape (unless you have a steady hand like a surgeon). Winning and blinking at the wrong time can put you into a frustrating cycle of removing your eyeliner and starting over, or you can stop wearing eyeliner altogether. But fear not. With a few simple tweaks to your application technique and the help of celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, you’ll be an eyeliner pro in no time.

How To Make Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Katie Jane Hughes is a celebrity and editorial makeup artist whose clients include Ashley Graham, Kerry Washington, Anna Kendrick and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Next, check out Hughes’ simple eyeliner tutorial (using her iconic “bat wing” technique) for the perfect hooded eye shape.

When we apply eyeliner to the base of our lashes, we usually instinctively think we start drawing with our eyes closed. But actually, keeping your eyes open can make you feel better. With your eyes closed, it’s hard to know exactly how far apart the wings are when you draw them. Keeping my eyes open gives me a good idea of ​​what look I’m creating (when creating).

Winged Eyeliner To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Hughes recommends starting by slowly sketching out the shape of eyeliner you want. “I take a pencil and sculpt my shape,” she says. “A common technique is to hold the pencil by the nose and corners of the eyes and angle it towards the eyebrows. That is, from the tip of the forehead to the tip of the eye to the tip of the nose, which is the direction it should be drawn the eyeliner.”

Ways To Make Your Eyes Look So Much Bigger!

Hughes recommends keeping the eyes and brows as relaxed as possible when drawing the shape. If she widens her eyes or draws eyeliner with raised eyebrows, she can distort the shape you draw after the face has relaxed. She tries to keep as neutral a look as possible, which you can treat as your baseline.

The hooded eye shape may appear weighted down or twisted, making it look sleepy. By pointing the eyeliner up and out, you can balance the shape of your lid and create a more open eye shape.

Once you’ve roughly outlined the shape of eyeliner you want, you can create a more precise edge by applying a little concealer or dipping a small brush into makeup remover. Use the first eye as a guide for where to place it (for a more even, symmetrical look) and repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other eye. To make cleaning easier, you can use a pointed cotton ball to shape the eyeliner. When dipped in micellar water, the precision tip makes it easy to sharpen fine areas like wing tips.

Now that you’ve created a nice, clean, precise shape with your pencil, use a big, long-wear liquid eyeliner on that shape. Instead of the standard formula, Hughes likes to make her own DIY liquid liner with black eyeshadow and setting spray. “Now take some black eyeshadow and some MAC (setting spray) and spray it directly on top of the eyeshadow,” he says. “Then I use a narrow eyeliner brush to blend and create a paste. I love this kind of formula for applying liner. When I apply liner, it glides on smoothly, just ink, flow and opacity.”, I love it.” at the base of the wings , spread this paste (or your favorite liquid eyeliner) directly over the shape you penciled in step 1. Be sure to fill in any areas where the pencil fell or areas where you overpainted.

How To Do Big Anime Eye Look

If you’re having trouble getting a clear line with eyeliner, try this credit card trick. Simply place your credit or business card where you want the lining and draw directly against a straight edge.

If you like the shape of the wing, attach the wing and extend the lash line to the inner corner of the eye. Instead of trying to sweep the entire stroke line in one full motion, go for a feathering motion to create short dashes (that you can connect). If you make a mistake (even makeup artists squirm and make mistakes, as Hughes reminds us in this tutorial), dab it off with a small detail brush dipped in makeup remover or concealer. How to make your eyes look bigger Makeup, Makeup by a Makeup Artist — Nov 21, 2022 Aug 19, 2019 by Samantha McMeekin

Many of us have the same end goal when it comes to eye makeup. His eyes are bigger than Bambi’s. If you’re looking for tips on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup, this is the place.

Winged Eyeliner To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Now, if you compare yourself to a cartoon deer, getting bigger, brighter, fluttery eyes might not be very realistic. All you need is one trick in the industry…

Winged Eyeliner Techniques For Every Eye Shape

We asked some of our favorite makeup artists to give us their scoop on the best makeup looks they know.

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